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TeaseandThankYou – A Real Couple by Mistress Mandy 

This one, is made with utter love for my work. A couple comes in to see me, both safely anonymous. And a therapy session ensues. As my boys have written: it’s not a role play, with me. It’s pure catharsis. And what can I say, group dynamics are my thing. This is my favorite thing. If you are a kinky couple out there, please watch, and write me if you want to “work” together. FYI, she gets a full orgasm….

Female Domination

TeaseandThankYou – He Actually Says Help by MM 

This was a blast, and a custom. The right people were in the room for this. Keep the customs coming! Also I can’t wait to session all week, end of January/beginning of February, so send me those session requests and whatever! Big plans to be bigger and better than ever, I’ll keep you updated.

Handjob & Milking

TeaseandThankYou – Virgin Can’t by Mandy 

First, he can’t cum because something is crushing his balls. Then, he just can’t. No matter what he tries. I let him use his hand and kiss my feet. An absolutely ruthless tease, humiliating but not mean, a tease and denial scene with the boy actually teasing himself. The defeat is unlike anything I’ve seen. These days that’s saying something. He just can’t. Aww. This just has to be seen to be believed, the mix of chemistry and my power.

Handjob & Milking

TeaseandThankYou – Full Immobilization Treatment by Mandy 

You might want to get me when I’m a little off my game. Because when I’m feeling it, there’s no better tease in the world and you’re already weakened from hours (yes, hours) strapped to my bed, time ticking by so slow. I’m going to burn myself into your memory. Cry tears of desire, immobilization client. You’ll want this clip.

Female Domination

TeaseandThankYou – Frustration High 

“Oh My God”, is all he can say over and over, to my chastity training regimen. Your dick, compressed, vibrated to a horrible tease sensation that you can’t do anything about. No climax, only heights, and a sweet spot. This unbelievable frustration-high is easy for me to to maintain and leaves you with a fever in your brain for days.

Female Domination, Lezdom & Lesbian

TeaseandThankYou – Denial Girl: The Numbers Game 

The voices, her quiet almost scared whimpers, my clarity. Her overwhelmed eyes, my pure control. Pure sexual amazement that translates perfectly to video–she gets off on being my puppet, I totally get off on having this puppet in particular. I’ve never felt anything like it, the dance I have with DG. If ten is an orgasm, she’s not allowed to pass 9. Very simple, simply devastating.

Female Domination

TeaseandThankYou – Best Lapdance You Never Had 

For being such a good sport all day. Sit back, I’ll give you a reward. I’ll do all the work, baby. I’ll make you so hard. I’ll tease that cock so good, baby. Oh, yeah, get as hard as you want while I grind and whisper. You’re my VIP. Look up, boy. Touch here. Burst out of that metal cage for me. Couple of cute session outtakes at the end, boy discusses the effect I have on him lol.

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