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Female Domination, Legwear Worship & Smelling

Mistress Luna, Glamy Ania – The Best Nylon To Worship 

You like nylon, isn’t? Actually, you love nylon, particularly black sheer nylon pantyhose! Greater than anything, you adore the extreme worn nylon pantyhose: that perfume, mix between perspiring feet, natural leather shoes and nylon – is making you blow up, getting randy and determined. Think of: being kept all day in a cage, with your cock secured a chastity belt, gagged with worn pantyhose and then released from cage just to smell odiferous nylon, to prayer it. That’s sound very…

Female Domination

Mistress Luna: “Full Time Toilet Slave” 

After we used this servant for our enjoyable and also enjoyment I take him into the commode area: he will be our bathroom servant for the rest of the day… or possibly, also much better: full-time commode servant! Before I begin using it as My Toilet, I show him My lovely large round butt: this is making him so weak and he goes much deeper right into entry so he is not only approving the tasks of drinking My pee,…

Female Domination, Legwear Worship & Smelling, Spanking & Whipping

Pantyhose slut get punished – Mistress Luna 

My friend, Mistress Johanna is visiting Me. We had filming all day and our feet get very sweaty and tired in the boots. We remove the boots and use our pantyhose slut to worship our sweaty feet in nylon. I can feel the smell of our feet : strong scents . but, our slave will have to sniff, to lick and suck all the precious perfume from our feet covered in pantyhose. We want to put both our feet in…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Foot Jobs

Mistress Luna – Ruine your orgasm under My ass 

After 30 days of chastity, I decided it was time to give this slave the chance to ease his balls! I sit very comfortably on his face, so he can all time enjoy the seductive flavors of My intimate parts, and once I touch his cock he get erection! I tease him by rubbing his dick with my feet … I have fun … Soon, he explodes and immediately I take My hand off his cock – thus ruining his…

Female Domination

Mistress Luna – Disgusting food for toilet slave 

This useless slave, have been in cage for the last 8 hours. Now is time to take him out and feed him! I will give him some extra dry pretzels. To add taste and flavor to it, I clean My sweaty armpits with it , I keep them between My buttocks and even add a little from My Sanctum juices to it ! Now, they rich flavored with My feminine scents …but, they still very hard …and My pathetic slave…

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