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Female Domination, Foot Worship

HouseOfSinn – The Caged Wanker 

Below you are, once more at Miss Sarah’s nylon clothed feet … Caged in steel chastity but so aroused you believe you are going to break any 2nd, you exist with the utmost tease: worshipping Her ideal feet while She teases you mercilessly … So warm, so mesmerising, like a Goddess that has actually come down the heavens to remove every decline of orgasm you can create, cage or no cage! You will follow Her instructions and you will cum…

Foot Worship

HouseofSinn – Born to worship Her perfect feet 

The story starts with a tiny hole on Miss Sarah’s stockings through which the foot slave can better smell the enticing aroma of Her perfect feet and that harmless fantasy quickly degenerates in a frenzy of sniffing, touching, sole licking and toe sucking extravaganza. All while being encouraged to wank his dick in chastity so he can remember who he belongs to. As if he ever could forget he was born to serve and worship the feet of his Goddess…

CBT & Ballbusting

HouseofSinn – To Break A Chatel 

Caught in the web of Romanian Goddesses Miss Sarah and Goddess Ambra seems more of a dream than the nightmare it can become if you don’t obey Them. You may even try to hold out, to protect the information you possess but, in the end, Their interrogation techniques will break you. They are too beautiful, too strong, too sadistic and your pathetic male endurance will never match Theirs… All your worldly possessions will be Theirs, everything you own, They will…

Handjob & Milking

Glove Mansion – Duo leather gloved milking part 1 

  He has not had a release in ages and his balls feel so full! Perfect for Miss Sarah and I, as we both love to tease and deny our slaves. We slip in to our leather gloves knowing our slut has a thing for these and they always get him hard. But his cock and balls are ours to drain and we won’t just milk him dry. No, he has to suffer first, we want to see lots of…

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