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Female Domination, Foot Worship, Strap-on

TheEnglishMansion – High Protocol Gala Pt3 – Strapon Gangbang & Foot Worship 

This spectacular daytime Femdom gala follows the action in voyeuristic fashion, as the 7 stunning Mistresses embark on a day of real life domination with their lucky pack of slaves maids and butler. Part three follows top Dominas Nikki, Annalieza, Evilyn, Anastaxia, Jessica, Inka and Sidonia, as the adventure continues. Anastaxia and Jessica, take some slaves to the pit, and relax for some foot worship by the eager slaves. One is then chosen for a trampling, in stilettos and then…

Breast Smother, Face and Body Sitting Smothering

Miss Jessica – Company Snitch 

Miss Jessica has called in a new employee to have a little chat. She wants to know if he wants to do well in her company. The person who held his previous position was in a select group of snitches that report back to her on important matters she might not hear about, so she wants to know if he would be interested in doing this. However, to prove his loyalty to her he has to pass a little test….

Foot Worship

The English Mansion – Puppy Love 

  Two beautiful, mean, academy girls invite the class loser over and set about humiliating and insulting him. He will do anything to spend time with the popular girls and is made to succumb to their meanest whims. Their latest fantasy is to turn him into their own puppy, making him crawl about naked, worship and eat from their feet, sniff their arses, all the while laughing and proving what a Grade A loser he is.


Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy, Miss Jessica – In Your mouth on Your Body 

  Mistress Kandy and Miss Jessica know that their slave is thirsty and his only drink on this day will come from Kandy’s pussy, or Jessica’s should she need to piss, as well. First the slave is told to sniff both of their crotches and imagine their piss flowing into his mouth. The Ladies then tell the slave to lay on his back as Kandy removes Her pants exposing Her perfect Pussy. She tells him to open his mouth and…

Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots

Clubstiletto – Miss Jessica, Mistress Kandy – Rank Feet, Rank Pits 

  Mistress Kandy is excited to be in Vegas and meeting up with Miss Jessica, but she can’t help but notice how stupid the slaves are. Is it the heat? Certainly the heat is good for something: Making the ladies’s feet rank and sweaty. And what are stupid slaves good for? Licking dirty feet! Kandy still has her shoes on, and she makes her bitch beg for permission to worship her feet. It quickly becomes apparent that although Jessica has…


Clubstiletto – Miss Jessica, Mistress Kandy – No Mercy For the Old Pony 

  Mistresses Kandy and Jessica have no mercy for a tired old man who has been serving them all day. He is rousted up for pony duty, with Jessica on his back as Kandy leads him on a leash for a promenade in the hotel room. While he is supporting Jessica’s weight, he must also worship Kandy’s feet. Well, the steed is not very adept and while leaning down to worship Kandy’s feet, he pitches his mount off his back!…


Miss Jessica, Mistress Kandy – Used Carpet Bitch 

  Kandy and JessicaI are still abusing men together! This time they’re using this one as carpet. First Jessica walks all over him while Kandy stuffs Her foot in its mouth. Jessica steps on its cock, trample its thighs and chest, and together verbally insult the slave the whole time. Finally Kandy decides to stand on it too, so this carpet slave has to support both Ladies as they stand on its chest. Lying under the bare feet of 2…

Armpits, Foot Worship

Clubstiletto – Miss Jessica, Mistress Kandy – Surviving On Sweat 

  Mistresses Kandy and Jessica have two slaves at their feet, sucking the sweat from their toes. But the ladies aren’t content with mild humiliation; they want their bitches to experience the full gamut. They order the men to lick the sweat off their stinky armpits, and the slaves comply, thanking their Mistresses for the privilege. Clearly these losers know their position in life: Worship via the lowliest, dirtiest tasks! Mistress: Miss Jessica, Mistress Kandy

Female Domination

The English Mansion – A Well Trained Husband Lady Nina Birch, Miss Eve Harper, Miss Jessica 

  Featuring: Lady Nina Birch, Miss Eve Harper, Miss Jessica The ladies are having a coffee morning at Eve’s house, Nina explains to Jessica that her husband has been turned into her slave by the act of control and discipline. Eve has been following Nina’s path and she presents her husband in training to them and to give Jessica some ideas when she goes home. James is humiliated by the ladies before they give him a long spanking each, they…

Female Domination

Clubstiletto – The Ass Regimen Miss Jessica, Mistress Kandy 

  Mistresses Kandy and Jessica demand absolute devotion from their slaves, and require proof. The proof being starvation for 2 weeks; the only nourishment provided is ass. That’s right: two gorgeous asses that need to be licked, worshiped and cleaned. The ladies have no desire to provide food or drink for their bitch, if he needs to feed himself, he must consume the “brownies” and “champagne” provided. This bitch is frantically excited at the prospect; he drives himself into a…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering

Clubstiletto – Sh1t Happens in Vegas Miss Jessica, Mistress Kandy 

  Miss Jessica is an athletic woman, and she puts her skills to use on the hotel bed in Vegas. She leaps in the air and lands devastating butt drops on her hapless slave, who, despite the shock of it all, is begging for more. Jessica doesn’t need more encouragement; she’s got Mistress Kandy egging her on! Jessica finishes her gymnastic feats with a good old-fashioned face sit, which her eager slave is happy to take as a reward. Mistress:…

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