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MightyGirl vs. Mighty Girl, Part 2 – MightyGirlz 

Amelea is at Kym’s mercy … now that she has Amelea, she wishes to appreciate her … Amelea is bound to a sybian with her head stuck with an opening in the table… Kym comes it to tease her and also increase the sybian before she fucks the vibrator that she straps in Ameleas’s mouth … is Amelea predestined to be Kym’s sex toy? It does appear so.


Scorpianica: Shadowland Pt II – MightyGirlz – Melissa Jacobs 

Conscious recovered, Scorpianica’s fight resumes because she’s wheeled over with her enemy and also tied tighter. Afterward, the vibrator contraption is pushed against her cunt and then she’s delivered in to convulsive orgasmic manner. Her eyes grow further when power is applied for her human body and also the servant continues.


Flame: The Box Pt III – Foiled? – MightyGirlz 

Did Sinnful’s entrance and immediate fall signify the end for our duo? Flame finds herself caged as her once dynamic partner is restrained to the table deep inside Vapid’s lair. As Flame screams in a hopeful attempt to awaken Sinnful, Vapid enters and begins her torturous symphony. Clamped tightly Sinnful must endure as Vapid plies her cunt in hopes of extracting her super powers. Meanwhile, Flame can only watch in wide eyed wonder as she awaits her time in Vapid’s…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

Flame: The Box Pt IV – An Ending? – MightyGirlz 

If our two Mighty Girlz thought they had experienced the end of Vapid’s cruelty, they were sorely mistaken. Bound together, they shall be subjected to Vapid’s whip which she brandishes with the utmost viciousness. Then, a tandem of orgasms is on tap as the dastardly villainess attempts to drain them of their super-juices. After she has her way, Vapid places our heroes in a state of extreme peril. Could this be the end of their super reign?


Leather: Precious Cargo – MightyGirlz – Brandi Aniston 

She has found herself ensnared in a trap unlike any that she has been in before… And she struggles mightily to seemingly no avail. Enraged, Leather demands to be freed, she demands to know her captors identity. Her futile yells have not fallen on deaf ears…Fuzz bombs are activated, sending her into a deep state of unconsciousness. With Leather down, her captors emerge from the shadows…With motives unclear, Leather is further restrained, and upon awakening, she embarks upon the struggle…


MightyGirlz – UltraBabe and the Pussy Impaler – Kirsten Price 

  All American fantasy girl, Kirsten Price plays UltraBabe…Her mission seemed to be going well, but all it takes is one false step…she finds herself naked and bound to a slanted steel table…her arms and legs are bound around the underside of the table and a dildo hes been set up to impale her pussy as she slowly slides down…a vibrator brings her to multiple orgasms as UltraBabe struggles to endure to waves of pleasure, brought on by those who…


Mighty Girlz – Lustera’s Ordeal Continues – Ariella Ferrera 

  Our MightyGirl, Lustera is in big trouble now…the thug wisked her away to his rural hideout…she is stripped and spread…Once again, he mounts the vibrator to her pussy…when she cums, it runs on and on…and it doesnt take long to get her there either…within 5 minutes, she has a string of orgasms that leave her unable to take anymore.


Mighty Girlz – Dark Diamond in the Spotlight – Bailey Brooks 

  Dark Diamond has made it deep into the enemy’s lair…she makes her way stealthily to the control panel to open the next portal…she fumbles with the buttons in an effort to pass, but the enemy has caught up with DD…he takes her down and hogties her…her bottoms are removed and she is stretched tightly spread standing…they blast a spotlight on her…then humiliate her by vibrating her super cunt until Dark Diamond is nothing but just another cum drunk and…


Mighty Girlz – Cherry Freedom – Cherry Torn 

  Cherry Freedom…an all American girl…she’s been on the case of some mean-spirited dairy farmers…the use of overly powerful milking devices has been scorned in the local colleges…and in an effort to impress her hippie animal-rights admirers, she decides to expose one of these farmers as a cow abuser…But the redneck farmers are more savvy than she expected…they are waiting for her…and after they strip her and restrain her, they let her judge for herself how uncomfortable their new super…


Mighty Girlz – Wunderbabe, Part 3 – Zoey Holloway 

  Wunderbabe begins to realize that there is no escape…she will be the property of the unknown villian until he is through with her, but who would ever be done with her? It’s not looking good for Wunderbabe as she wakes up bound in a chair…the TENS pads and vibrator are allready in place..once again, she has little chance to resist…an intense 5 minute scene with multiple orgasms.


Mighty Girlz – WunderBabe, Part 1 – Zoey Holloway 

  Wunder Babe Zoey Holloway is on a mission of utmost importance…and danger…those details are insignificant because Wunderbabe gets caught…She wakes up naked and bound on a cold floor as an electric winch pulls her to her feet…until her hands are tightly above her head and her body is stretched…A voice talks to her over a loud speaker…seems like the sexy WunderBabe may be in a bit of trouble…to be continued…


Mighty Girlz – The Super Russo Duo in Trouble – Taylor and Tati Russo, Duchess Scarlett 

  In an effort to separate herself from her twin super-hero-sister, Taylor attempts a dangerous mission alone and ends up rope bound in the dungeon of Dark Scarlett…Does Tati even know where she is? Scarlett’s thug unties her and they command Taylor to strip in front of them…Scarlett removes Taylor’s mask to reveal her identity…then, knowing that Tati must be close behind, Scarlett has Taylor bound with a vibrator stuffed in her crotch…Tati does arrive, but not before Taylor succumbs…

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