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BratPrincess2: Mia Martinez – Thong Facesitting 

Mia Martinez is so cute! She rests her adorable little butt on her human seat’s face. Mia simply loves bouncing on his face while giggling. She gets really turned on. The human furnishings is additionally excited, however no matter since he is secured a chastity gadget and Mia has the crucial! Mia smothers her human furnishings’s face to make sure that it can’t take a breath. It only gets air fragrant with her ass as well as wet pussy! Mia…

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GoddessFootJobs – Internet Theft – Mia Martinez 

Investigating a complaint about slow internet a repairman finds himself rummaging through Mia Martinez’s closet. After briefly pausing to sample the aroma of her worn sneakers he discovers an unauthorized router. Mia confronts the man about the intrusion only to find herself on the defensive as to the legitimacy of her internet connection. Mia panics at the revelation that she owes in excess of $1,000 to the cable company along with criminal charges of theft. She pleads to resolve the…

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JerkToMyFeet – New Years Eve Kiss – Mia Martinez 

You were luck enough to spend New Years Eve with your best friend (Mia Martinez). You have had a great night but when the ball dropped you were stuck in the line at the bar and missed your opportunity to give her that kiss you’ve always wanted to give her. You finally catch up with her with the champaigne and poor her a glass. She asks you, where you were. She seems genuinely disappointed you were not next to her…

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Jerk To My Feet – Mia Martinez – Niece’s Sweaty Feet 

  You’re hosting your niece Mia Martinez while she visits Florida. She already knows about your proclivity for feet, but she’s still surprised that you want to smell her dirty, sweaty, funky feet. Mia doesn’t really understand your weird perversion, but she’s having fun learning about it. She peels off her damp socks and lets you take a big sniff. Mia knows you are already hard and props up those sexy soles right under your nose and invites you to…

Foot Worship

Goddess Foot Worship – Mia Martinez – Spring Break Visit 

  Mia Martinez has come to town for Spring Break. She’s staying with her aunt and uncle, but auntie is away for several days. Uncle Tom tries to be a good host, but he really can’t resist trying to sneak a taste of Mia’s lovely brown feet while she’s sleeping. Mia wakes up at catches him. The uncle tries apologizing, but Mia admits that it felt good and she’d like him to do more.   The perverted uncle doesn’t have…

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Goddess Footjobs – Mia Martinez – In the Night 

  Mia Martinez is feeling horny so she surprises you in your bed at night. You awake startled and ask what’s going on. Mia begs you to please do more of that foot stuff you did to her yesterday. You’re a foot guy through and through so the last thing you’d ever do is disappoint a sweet Latina beauty who is already putting her sexy bare feet in your face.   You go to town worshipping her feet just the…

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Jerk To My Feet – Mia Martinez – Mom’s Not Home 

  Your stepdaughter Mia Martinez just got back from a run and she’s worked up a huge sweat. She knows how much you love to smell her sweaty feet so she offers them to you since mom’s not home. You’re a little hesitant, but you quickly conquer that once you get the first sweet whiff. She pulls off one shoe at a time so you can bury your face in the sole and get the full invigorating affect of her…

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Goddess Foot Worship – Mia Martinez – Private Tutor’s Secret 

  Teacher Mia Martinez offers a private tutoring session for a student who has fallen behind. She’s concerned about his lack of concentration and focus so she wants to guide him in the right direction. In their afterhours session the student is still unable to concentrate and Mia worries about his slow pace. The real truth is that the student can’t concentrate on his studies because he’s enthralled with Mia’s sweet brown feet.   The young man’s lust finally overtakes…

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Goddess Footjobs – Mia Martinez – Cum 4 Me 

  The lovely Latina Mia Martinez truly enjoys the sensation of feeling a cock between her toes. She is enthralled with the power she has over you with only the touch of her soft brown feet. It is an incredible find to have a woman so beautiful, with a talent so special and a genuine love of showing off her skills. You are her plaything. She manipulates you for her pleasure. Mia’s talented toes riddle your joystick until milking your…

Foot Jobs, Foot Worship

Goddess Footjobs – Mia Martinez – Take Your Boyfriend Again 

  Hot teen Mia Martinez is back, taking another shot at her best friend’s boyfriend. Wearing a skimpy crop top and sexy jean cut offs, she slips her beautiful feet out of her sandals and places them seductively in his lap. His girlfriend is right in the other room and could walk in at any moment, but he gives in to her perfect, pedicured toes and smooth soles. Mia unties his drawstring pants with her skillful toes and then wraps…

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Goddess Footjobs – Mia Martinez – Office Politics 

  Beautiful, latina HR manager Mia Martinez hears that one of her employee has been giving foot massages to coworkers in the office. Having heard so much about his work, Mia wants to feel his massage on her own feet. With every touch, he wins her over, and she gives in to the pleasure of his foot worship. Soon, her sexy feet find the hard bulge showing through his slacks, and her toes tease the outline of his cock. Undressing…

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Jerk To My Feet – Mia Martinez – Sweaty Sock Perv 

  Your boss has noticed the decline in your performance at work. It seems you’ve been more than a bit distracted at the office. Is it the thin, soft, nylon socks that Mia Martinez wears beneath her desk? You’re such a sweaty sock perv, and she’s going to expose you. Mia slips off her small flats and presses them against your face. Stick your nose in deep and smell all of her hard work. She’s been on her feet all…

Lezdom & Lesbian

Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna, Mia Martinez – Babysitter Slave 

  Goddess Brianna catches teen babysitter Mia Martinez ignoring her job, chatting on her phone, and making plans for her boyfriend to come over–big mistake! How dare this brat even try to take advantage of a Goddess. Goddess Brianna punishes Mia, grabbing the phone from her hands and telling Mia’s powerless boyfriend on the other end exactly what she deserves. Goddess Brianna shoves her tattooed foot deep in Mia throat, muffling her pathetic cries for help and she struggles to…


Subby Hubby – Mia Controls Me Part 5 

  To make sure that her new subby knows who is in charge, Goddess Mia Martinez puts on her strap on cock and bends him over the couch so she can dominate her pathetic subby. Goddess Mia loves pegging her subby’s man pussy and slaps his ass a few times. When she’s had enough, Goddess Mia forces her subby to suck her cock to clean it off.


Subby Hubby – Mia Martinez’s Pathetic Man Mini Movie 

  Goddess Mia Martinez is fed up with her sex life with her pathetic man. She decides to make some changes to how things will be and teach him how to be a good little subby bitch. She teases her man by masturbating inches from his face while not allowing him to touch her. Craving more sexual pleasure, Goddess Mia Martinez orders her subby to grab the chindo so he can learn how to fuck properly. He eagerly slides it…

Oral & Asslicking

Subby Hubby – Mia Martinez – Worship Mia’s Ass P3 

  Goddess Mia Martinez introduces her subby to her new man. She forces her new man to worship her ass while she humiliates her subby by telling him how worthless he is. Her new man does a fantastic job of licking her ass, and she makes her subby suck on her shoes while she spreads her ass to receive a licking.   Tags: Ass Worship, Mia Martinez

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Subby Hubby – Mia Controls Chindo Man P2 

  Goddess Mia Martinez is fed up with her sex life with her pathetic man. She decides to make some changes to how things will be and teach him how to be a good little subby bitch. She teases her man by masturbating inches from his face while not allowing him to touch her.

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