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Female Domination, Pegging, Strap-on

FemdomEmpire – Stretched to Gape – Mia Malkova 

Mistress Mia Malkova prefers her slaves to be stretched out anal sluts whether they like it or not. She takes the thickest dick and also hollows out her slave’s tight ass making him ask for it much deeper and also much deeper in his opening. He is filled up and also fucked while his balls are tied down as well as drew taunt making sure he can not run away from her prick. Mia’s elephant trunk strap-on vibrator is the…

Foot Worship

Femdom Empire – Mia Malkova – Office Boss Bitch 

  Boss Bitch Mia Malkova has a special arrangement with one of her male employees. He gets to keep his employment status as long as his cock remains locked in chastity and he promises to always be a devoted foot slut. His cock and mouth belong only to her now and she will do with them as she sees fit. Her bitch gets to keep his job while she gets her feet worshipped, licked and sucked at any time of…

CBT & Ballbusting

Femdom Empire – Mia Malkova – BootJob: Pump the cum out 

  Mistress Mia Malkova looks stunning in a white bodysuit and white knee high leather boots. She has the slave’s cock and balls out ready for her to trample the cum out. She knees and slaps his balls making him more aroused. She pumps the toe of her boot on his shaft until she pumps the cum out. Mia ruins his orgasm with balls slaps to his freshly drained balls.

Face and Body Sitting Smothering

Femdom Empire – Mia Malkova – Smothering the Subordinate 

  Mrs. Malkova has been hearing rumors that her subordinate is calling her “the ballbuster” around the office. She knows he is just a little perv that needs to be put in his place once and for all. She sees the way he stares at her ass anytime she wears tight-fitting clothing. She asks him to lay on the ground so that she may punish him with the very thing he desires.. her ASS! She smothers him within inches of…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering

Femdom Empire – Mia Malkova – Bewitching Beauty 

  Mia Malkova is a bewitching beauty, she effortlessly casts spells on men turning them in to her submissive pets. Her ass is entrancing and she enjoys having a man smothered in-between her luscious full cheeks. Mia sits on her pets face completely smothering his mouth & nose. He gasps for air, but what a way to go! She summons her book because she is planning to stay perched on his face for awhile.

Foot Worship

Femdom Empire – Mia Malkova – Foot Discipline 

  Princess Mia has a very strict set of rules governing her slave’s behavior that she expects him to obey completely. Unfortunately he still has a long way to go until he is in proper compliance with her expectations. Every infraction must be punished immediately, and now he has rudely interrupted her reading and spoken without permission. Mia is a very effective slave trainer, and knows punishments must be both be unpleasant, as well as put the slave in its…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Femdom Empire – Mia Malkova – The Slave Experience 

  Your Mistress is feeling very generous today and allows you to finally come out of your cage for a few minutes of play. Mia loves to watch you get completely hard and frustrated while she commands you to edge your cock to the brink of insanity. She gets off on flaunting her shiny perfect 10 latex covered ass and tits in your face while you drool and beg to cum. If you are a good boy and don’t blow…


Femdom Empire – Mia Malkova – Strap-on Ass Splitter 

  Mistress Mia takes strap-on to the next level and fucks her slave’s hungry asshole like he has never been fucked before! He is literally just a hole to be fucked as Mia’s big, purple cock splits his ass wide open turning him into a gaping whore and begging for more…   Featuring: Mia Malkova Categories: Anal Play, Bondage, Strap-on

Oral & Asslicking, Shoe & Boots

Femdom Empire – Mia Malkova – Her Faithful Gimp 

  Male slave property is properly outfitted in latex gimp suit and stored in a steel cage. Gimp slaves are at the bottom of the food chain, licking disgusting grime from Mistresses boots. They are human garbage disposals doing exactly as they are told. They deserve n to live with the fresh taste of grime from the bottoms of boots on their tongue. Mistress Mia pulls her gimp out of the cage to use his mouth for her convenience.  …

Oral & Asslicking

Femdom Empire – Mia Malkova’s Chastity Gimp 

  Mistress Mia loves to tease and deny her slaves of pleasure while she uses them for her own needs. Encased in latex and strapped down helplessly, her gimp slave can only suffer as Mia mocks his chastised cock, asking the slave how much he wishes his cock could be in her tight, warm pussy, then laughing at his pleas for release. Instead, Mia puts him to work worshipping her ass, as she grinds and drops it on his face…

Shoe & Boots

Femdom Empire – Mia Malkova – Mia’s Boot Bitch 

  While riding her ponyboy slave, Mistress Mia catches him staring at her boots. When he confesses to it and tells her how beautiful they are, Mia allows her pony boy to worship her boots, starting by licking her heels. Mia just smiles as her slave kisses and licks her boots in complete submission to her, even degrading himself by licking the filthy floor where her boots have touched when she commands it. After some extensive boot heel worship, including…

Handjob & Milking

Femdom Empire – Mia Malkova – Cum for your new girlfriend 

  Mistress Mia’s slave has been begging her to cum, so he is very happy when Mia tells him that she is going to allow him to release. She even has a surprise for him, because he is going to get to cum to the pussy of his new girlfriend! The slave thanks his Mistress and is so happy; that is, until she reveals the full surprise – his new girlfriend is a milking machine! Mia lubes up her slave’s…

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