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Hardtied – Willing Marina 

Some things about Marina are just excellent. She is a pain slut, through and through, which means PD can beat her senseless and she will come bouncing back for more. She loves pleasuring him with all of her holes, so every time his cock gets hard she is ready and willing to take it inside of her. Even when he is slamming her pussy with Mr. Pogo he wants to make sure it is soft and wet. He tenderizes it…


Hardtied – Wrung Out – Marina 2021-04-08 

For Marina, today is about chains. It has to do with embarrassment and also deterioration. It is about just how much can she take? The entire experience is extreme, also for her. PD stuns her with several of his needs. This is mosting likely to be one of one of the most extreme experiences of her life. If she can handle to please him, however, she understands the rewards will be just as powerful. All she needs to do to…


Hardtied – Marina II – Marina 

It is rather obvious why Marina is one of the women that PD considers his favorites. Her body is flexible and also holds the marks from walking canes, rope and also whips. Discomfort makes her pussy damp and also she enjoys to have her holes filled up by anything PD wants to place within them. Marina can hold the unbelievably demanding settings that PD thinks up and can also take the punishing discomfort and also humiliation that includes them. She…


Hardtied – No Solicitations Please Part 2 – Marina 

When someone claims they have a “cross to bear” they are usually speaking figuratively. Not Marina. PD has actually given her sufficient difficulty that the phrase definitely uses, yet today he is believing a little bit more actually. Marina is going to lug her problem deep right into the timbers where PD has a little camp site good to go up. It is a place where they can have some personal privacy and get back to nature at the same…


InfernalRestraints – Fiddle Fucked – Marina 

Marina has a limited ass that requires to be educated. The procedure will be agonizing but it will be worth it. She has the type of commitment that it requires to take any amount of pain. She might quickly regret being so fully commited to pleasing PD, however. For each torture that Marina withstands, believing that it has to be the most awful PD needs to offer, he has another one, just a little worse, currently aligned. Getting her ass…


InfernalRestraints – DOUBLE TEAMED | Marina 

Marina battles in the rubber mask. PD and also Sibling Dee have some exciting activities planned for Marina. Marina’s captors have some unique plans for her. She’s secured an iron frame that maintains her entirely immobilized. First one then the other reach deal with her and after that both at the same time. Whips and also floggers get her moaning and screaming. The plug in her ass maintains Marina extra still as SD torments her cunt as well as tits….


Hardtied – Oct 28, 2020: In Need Indeed | Marina 

Marina pertains to obtain taken! Marina requested for an experience more comparable to being victim for a killer. He makes her expand on her darkest fantasies, prior to utilizing her own ideas versus her. Her need for the dark betrays her. She’s no average woman. Marina relish the discomfort, unavoidable bondage, relentless orgasms, as well as being considered the satisfaction of an additional. He plays her body completely. Linking her right here, turning her there. She’s his toy, yet ultimately…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Marina’s Ballbusting Audition 

Meet Marina, the absolutely DROP GORGEOUS ballbuster we were lucky to find. She Has a loto of power, and delivered several great strikes to his gonads.But her beauty makes it so less painful for him, what a lucky bastard. It’s a privilege to have your nuts touched by such a goddess. Excuse me now, I gotta go ask her to marry me…


Infernal Restraints – Jun 8, 2015: Worthless Cunt Part 2 BONUS | Marina 

  Marina finds herself chained to the floor of PDs play room, blinded by a hood and barely able to wriggle, let alone escape. Fight as she will, the cattle prod is impossible to avoid. Her bonds make it difficult to dodge the cane strokes on her ass and feet. The chastity belt she wears perfectly frames her asshole, ready to take a fuck from the cock-on-a-rod. In fact, her mouth hole is pretty accepting, too, wide open and ready…

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