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InfernalRestraints – Moaning Maggie – Maggie Mead 

Maggie Mead is still pleading for an authentic bondage experience. It is a request we are all-too-familiar with. These ladies pertain to us having had a taste of supremacy, but they require something much more. They require to feel not just like they are being made use of by someone else, however like they come from them. 2 wooden blog posts stand next to her, each one with a wrist bound to it. She can stoop between them, or stand,…


InfernalRestraints – Work Camp 2 – Maggie Mead 

Out behind the barn PD keeps a very unique training instrument that Maggie Mead will end up being totally aware of. It isn’t the most uncomfortable or harmful tool in his toolbox however it leaves a heck of a perception. It is simply a small bathtub put down into the ground with a steel grate over the top. You put your disobedient ladies right into the hole for a night or two and see if that corrects them out. If…


Hardtied – Apr 29, 2020: Living Bondage Fantasy 2 | Maggie Mead 

Maggie Mead has a great deal of hardware because cunt of hers. It makes it additional delicate as well as the area she loves to have actually touched the most. With a little of cock drawing she may even reach orgasm. Just not before she gains it. When you obtain a clear consider her ass you can see just how difficult she is trying to please PD. There are red stripes all over it from the whips and also canes….


Hardtied – Living Bondage Fantasy | Maggie Mead 

PD is an expert in getting in the heads of the subjects. He asks only the ideal questions to place sweet little Maggie Mead off. What turns her on himhis brilliance together with his profound fetishism, along with his penis. She is trembling. He is earning her tell him about what she would love him to do . If he cites sucking cock she beams up. The bondage is really simple yet so powerful. PD toys as she eagerly plays…

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