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BratPrincess2 – Macy Cartel – Im Going To Use Your Face All Night 

Macy is nude and also very turned on. Her beta cuck’s secured penis is useless, but his mouth is excellent. Macy flights her chastity beta’s face. She makes her beta prayer her pussy as well as use its tongue to pleasure her. She enjoys utilizing his mouth for orgasm after orgasm. Each climax simply makes her hornier! She is mosting likely to use his face all evening! Having a cuck is terrific!

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

BratPrincess2 – Macy – Uses Betas Face For Pleasure 

Macy is really feeling lonesome. Lonely sufficient to utilize useless beta, Danniэs, face to leave. Macy straddles her chastity beta and grinds. Macy’s partner travels a great deal, leaving her aggravated. She has a lot of sexual needs that her absentee sweetheart can not satisfy! Macy trips her chastity beta’s face for climax after orgasm. She would certainly never ever utilize his little beta penis, obviously. That’s why she keeps it secured! Little Danni have to approve being made use…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

BratPrincess2: Macy – Trains A Chastity Slave With Face Sitting 

Wealthy brat, Macy, located a scrappy looking kid busking with his guitar outside the shopping center. She has made a decision to take him back to her manor and give him a far better task as her slave. Not only will the little vagrant offer Macy, he will certainly offer her more youthful half-sister too. Upon entering her lavish house Macy has quickly secured the young boy in chastity. She starts his training with face resting to obtain him utilized…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

BratPrincess2 – Teases Milking Bench Male For Hours – Macy 

Macy has male, Andy, strapped to the bench at the Trimming Hair salon. Today she is going to offer him a brain rinse. Macy begins the automatic program after that leaves while Andy’s mind is wiped tidy. Andy remains in a state of terror. He constantly knew that women hated him, yet he never imagined that they could be so terrible. A couple of hours later Macy returns. Andy is currently a blank slate. He can not talk. Macy starts…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

“Kat And Macy – My Big Stepsister Will Milk You Dry” 

Kat’s big stepsister, Macy, is mosting likely to milk Kat’s pinhead servant. It’s a game. The girls are mosting likely to establish a timer for 15 minutes. Every ruined climax that Macy wrings out of the servant in 15 minutes is a month in chastity for him and also $100 for the relatives. Macy uncages as well as begins to milk her relative’s servant. 15 minutes count down on a timer. Kat’s servant begs Macy not to ruin his climaxes,…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

Macy and Kat – Teased by machine for Hours and Hours Part 5 

The cow is very tired. He has been on the milking bench for hours and hours. He doesn`t think he can take anymore. The girls encourage him to keep going by shocking him with electricity. Kat enjoys riding the cow`s face. She reaches her climax while the cow remains on edge. The cow again begs the teasers to stop. They draw him back in with their wiles and encourage him to do more. The girls begin the end of shift…

Female Domination

Macy – Smell My Ass then Fuck My Pantyhose Beta 

Macy’s beta strokes himself while smelling her ass. Once Macy’s beta is hard, she lets it fuck her pantyhose. Macy’s beta gets to thrust between her thighs. That is the closest he will ever get to a pussy. Macy takes a video of the beta’s humiliation to share with her friends. Then, Macy gets on top and edges the beta with her legs. The beta is so close to Macy’s pussy but never inside! Finally, Macy lets the beta fuck…

Female Domination, Pegging, Strap-on

Kat And Macy – Bad Slaves Get Fucked With Big Dicks 

Kat has every right to punish her slave. The idiot forgot to pick her up from cheer practice! Now Kat’s big sister, Macy, is going to fuck the slave in the ass as a punishment. Kat enjoys a lollypop and giggles as her big sister pounds the bad slave from behind. “Fuck him, sis!” This will teach the old man a lesson. He will never forget to pick Kat up from cheer practice again. The slave starts to get sexually…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

“Macy – Trains A Slave To Worship Feet For Her Pleasure” 

Macy wants to train her beta to worship feet the right way, for her pleasure. Sometimes Macy and her sister have very long days shopping at the mall and when they come home, they want to have their tired feet pampered. Macy is sometimes sweet and sometimes cruel to her beta. When she gets mad, she gags him with her toes. The beta is there to serve Macy and her sister. If he forgets his place or messes up, he…

Female Domination, Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots

Heiress Sisters train Skinny Punk boy for Foot Service 

Lily and Macy, are continuing their training of a homeless punk boy that they found busking for change in the mall parking lot. Today he is going to learn how to worship a rich girl’s feet. The sisters have him start by licking the dirt from their expensive shoes. The boy does not want to have to lick shoes, but he also does not want to be dismissed from his position and return to living in his friend’s car. The…

Female Domination, Pegging, Strap-on

Rich Heiresses Lock-Up Skinny Punk They Find in the Mall 

Macy and Lily are two wealthy heiresses. The girls have collected several “servants” from off the streets. They do not pay the servants, but they are given some meals and shelter. Macy has been largely responsible for keeping the servants submissive, but today she wants to show her younger sister how it is accomplished. Macy selects a skinny punk boy that they found playing guitar outside the mall to demonstrate on. The skinny punk sees Macy’s strap-on and knows that…

Cuckolding, Female Domination

Convinces Boyfriend to Let her Keep a Cuck Slave 

Macy`s boyfriend wants to break up with her because he found out that she has a slave. Her boyfriend thinks it`s weird. Macy explains that he shouldn`t be jealous of a slave. She is only using him for his money and not for sex. Macy explains that she keeps the slave in chastity all the time. He pays the rent on her apartment and gives her a weekly allowance. Macy wants both, to be able to keep her slave and…

Blowjob, Cuckolding, Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

BratPrincess – Macy Cartel – Help Me Please Him Cuck 

Macy’s cuck is her helper. She wants to give Alpha a blowjob and cuck is there to hold her hair back while she sucks him. The cuckold must be careful to not pull her beautiful long hair and hold it very gently. Macy gives her Alpha an incredible blowjob while her cuckold has to watch. Cuckolds and Alphas get very different treatment from pretty girls. Macy works very hard deepthroating to please her real man, even though taking his huge…

CBT & Ballbusting, Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Oral & Asslicking

BratPrincess – Put On The Chastity And Lick – Macy Cartel 

Macy demands that her cuck slave put on a strict metal chastity device. Her slave, Marcello, complains and doesn’t understand why. Macy tells him that she is sick of looking at his nasty little erection. She won’t let him be around her unless he agrees to wear chastity. Marcello has some concern about Macy losing the key to the device’s lock but agrees to wear it for her. Once Marcello is in the device Macy takes a few humiliating photos…

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Bratty Babes Own You – Randy Moore’s Divorce Lawyer Footjob 

  Alexis is finally getting divorced from her loser husband. Randy is a divorce lawyer who is also the mediator of the divorce. Randy is on Alexis side and thinks a beautiful young lady like her deserves everything. Randy knows that her loser husband has to get at least something. Randy has gone over the divorce papers and seen that part of the reason they are getting divorced is because Alexis husband is a foot freak and is constantly cumming…

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