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ShinyBound – Lydia black – Glamour Girl Tied and Vibed 

Stunning Lydia Black is wearing a smooth satin Cheongsam design outfit and opera handwear covers. She is tied down level to a board with her ams overhanging. A vibe has actually been tied safely in position on her crotch as well as she is gagged with a tight shiny ballgag. The switch is turned and also she has a hard time hard in between mind shattering climaxes. About half way with, her outfit is pulled down, exposing her little titties….

BDSM, Fighting

EvolvedFightsLesbianEdition – Lydia Black vs Sheena Rose 

Little Sheena Mean Rose ultimately got a triumph lately versus Avery Black. Sheena has a confidence increase and also thinks she is mosting likely to damage this goth tattoo appeal, Lydia Black hasn’t won a match yet however she thinks her size and also temptation are going to get the W. This suit is bound for rounds 1 2 and also 3 it goes to a round 4 connection breaker. Both these women have been obtaining switched on for the…


ShinyBound – Lydia Black.. Bound Until Broken 

A while ago I was approached to make a customized video clip for a man that wanted a girl tied down and also fiercely tickled non stop. The incentive was to pay the version by the min to see for how long she would certainly last prior to tapping out. I took care with who I picked for this obstacle because I wanted a tough woman that was also a life-styler as well as who I believed can take the…


RealTimeBondage – Tutorial | Ava D’Amore | Lydia Black 

After the prefeed OT and Alice decide to teach a little lesson. OT shows Alice and the members the basic knots one needs to know to do the INSEX style of bondage. Once she knows the basics we move on to applying those basic ties to more complex positions and scenarios. We use the opportunity to take advantage of the lovely Lydia and Ava.


RealTimeBondage – Medical Melee Part 1 | Lydia Black 

Lydia starts her medical procedure. While Lydia and Ava wait for the show to start they are each put into a straightjacket. Lydia’s is a nice black leather one. Ava’s is a snug canvas jacket. When the prefeed is over Ava is put inside the box with her restraints still on. Lydia is attached to the top of the box with her ass out. Her pants are cut open at the crotch and her panties are cut off. Her toes…


RealTimeBondage – Medical Melee part 2 | Lydia Black 

We explore Lydia’s anal cavity and pain tolerance. Lydia is pulled off the box to continue her examination. When she’s put back on the box it’s with her ass way up in the air and her neck is pulled way down. With her ankles pulled out she is completely exposed. A thorough examination of her anus reveals that Lydia has a great butt. A three prong speculum opens her up and really lets us see inside. After a quick break…


RealTimeBondage – Medical Melee Part 3 | Lydia Black 

After a glucose high, spin therapy, and orgasm therapy Lydia feels much better. With her ass bright and red Lydia is locked by her neck in a kneeling position. It’s time for her to experience a glucose high. A large bottle of apple juice is given to Ava to feed to Lydia. She begs for it to stop, but we want her to finish more. Time for Ava to smother Lydia with her gorgeous ass. Then we use spin therapy…


May 24, 2017 Lydia Black | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles – Sexually Broken 

  ALT beauty locked into the perfect slave position with hard metal, while two cock ravish her throat!   You have seen Lydia on our site in two other scenes. This is actually the first scene we shot with this hopefully nominated performer of the year. This girl is sex personified. This is where we discovered what a sexual talent Lydia really is, it’s the first time we have worked with her, so we set up a simple but effect…


Sexually Broken – May 5, 2017 Lydia Black | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles 

  Lydia Black is a tiny spinner with a velvet throat and tiny pussy. Huge cock destruction incoming!   128 Bondage Images • 10:29 Min Bondage Video We have tiny ALT girl Lydia Black with us today on the pages of Sexually Broken. This tiny ball of sex is amazing at deepthroating and taking hard brutal fucking, she is in the top 5% of all porn girls today!   Bound bent at the waist with legs spread, and her pretty…


Infernal Restraints – Mar 17, 2017: Dolled Up | Lydia Black 

  Looking Cute For Her New Life As a Toy   Adorable Lydia Black is about to join O.T.’s extensive collection of perverted sex toys. Once he’s got her in her new dress and make-up she is exactly right to replace the doll he broke last week. Lydia thought she was meeting him for a quick smoke before she headed home, but at this point she will be lucky if she ever sees daylight again. He takes his time in…


Hardtied – Mar 8, 2017: Ctrl-Alt-Orgasm | Lydia Black 

  Another day, another girl with winged eyeliner and a seemingly endless need for a beating crawling her way into our dungeon to spend some quality time with our handler Matt Williams. This week, her name is Lydia Black and she is about as tiny and sexy as they come. Matt could probably wrap all the way around her rib cage with just his two hands. Let’s hope he doesn’t break her in half as he beats and vibrates her…


Sexual Disgrace – Lydia Black – Punk Rock Cock 

  If there was ever a sex slave in the dungeon who needed an attitude adjustment it’s dirty Lydia Black. Not because she’s tattooed, pierced and gauged all over, and not becausee she wears heavy black bondage make-up and shaves the sides of her head, but Lydia needs extra brutal training because of the gleeful grin and twinkle in her eye she has when Master Bruno slaps her around at the beginning of this scorching hot session. Clearly she’s a…

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