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Pure CFNM – Office Voyeurs 

  Alessa has long suspected that Jack masturbates in his office when he should be working. She gets two fellow secretaries together and they spy on him, watching as he jerks off and cums in his hand. They then burst in and embarrass him before he has chance to clean up. They laugh at how sensitive his cock is as they poke at it and they wonder if his big dick can cum again if they have a play with…

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Pure CFNM – Man Servant Training 

  Rich bitch Mia has just hired a new man servant to take care of her needs whilst her husband is out working. Introducing him to her two young friends, she decides to show him off and orders him to strip naked in front of them. The girls are shocked at how erect he is the second his pants come off. As they start wrapping their hands around his dick, he starts to fuck their fists until he takes them…

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Pure CFNM – Kirsty Travis, Louisa Moon – Dad’s Best Friend 

  Alessa’s dad is allowing his best friend to stay with them as he is down on his luck. The girls are in the lounge when Joe finishes his shower and walks in wearing just a robe. As he sits down to read a magazine, the robe parts slightly, allowing the girls to clearly see his cock! They giggle and stare at it for several minutes before telling him what has happened. They threaten to tell Alessa’s dad unless he…

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