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BondageJunkies – Lola vs. Her Mummy Request 

It’s always fun when someone wants to try something new. On Lola’s last visit she was interested but too nervous to try it. This time would be different and she was very excited to take on the challenge. Having chosen vet wrap for the material I went to work. Her arms were wrapped first which will add more security overall. We can’t give the impression that one can escape. From her arms are crossed and her torso, waist, and legs…

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BratPrincess2 – You Will Be A Toilet For The Girls In This House 

Lola as well as Natalya are sharing a house commode slave. Lola is available in to make use of the bathroom. She spews in the human commode a few times, then stands to pee making use of an useful device. The mouth of male bathroom servant is Her urinal. Lola leaves the stand-to-pee tool on the bathroom counter. She and also Natalya are having girlfriends over this weekend, as well as she wants to make the stand-to-pee tool offered to…


BondageJunkies – Lola vs. Another Request 

It didn’t take long before Lola was back for more mummification. Something tells me she likes it. Pleased to require her, purple vetwrap is utilized this moment as well as she’s covered from head to toe. A few extra layers are added just to ensure her experience is ruined by an unintentional escape. Like prior to she offers it her best shot to leave yet the vetwrap doesn’t provide. Not even a bit. It’s still enjoyable enjoying her shot though.


BondageJunkies – Lola vs. Alexa’s AI 

When I told Lola I ‘d written a girlfriend program for Alexa she couldn’t wait to try it. Despite the absence of screening Lola wished to try it anyhow. The restricted AI is set up to pick from a vast array of self-bondage ties as well as situations. Its actual intelligence is recognizing what connections are compatible with each other. Alexa has control over an electromagnet which will hold Lola’s crucial to flexibility. When she triggers Alexa’s program she follows…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

BratPrincess2 – Alexis Humiliates Danni With Wrestling Holds 

Alexis is trying to find a battle as well as Danni feels like a simple target. He’s already nude and also in chastity! How difficult could he be to subdue? Cameron and Lola enjoy Alexis placed Danni in tight wrestling accepts her solid legs. Danni can get actually close to Alexis’ pussy while in the leg locks, yet his penis is still locked up! Once Danni is weary Alexis passes him to Cameron. The women all laugh while Cameron pushes…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

BratPrincess2: Lola Pov – How Do I Train My Slave To Become My Full Human Toilet 

A great deal of Dommes ask Madam Director Lola, “Exactly how do I get My servant started with full bathroom training?” Madam Supervisor has turned a great deal of males right into human toilets and also in this clip, she shares a few of her thoughts. She describes her progressive strategy, which begins with chastity and also finishes with full usage. Madam talks about finding the appropriate size chastity for your slave to begin the process of its change. She…


DDFNetwork – Lola, Mugur, Antonio Ross 

Submissive Surprise – Two Guys Penetrate Young Doll Shock, shock! In today’s hardcore fetish episode of DDF Network’s Residence of Taboo, Mugur generates a terrific surprise idea for his pal Antonio. He provides a wooden box to his living room and also his interested pal is asked to presume what remains in it. Mugur improves the mystery as well as opens the box. Inside is a human doll from Russia called Lola Taylor also known as Baby L.This young blonde…

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Lola – Practices Standing To Pee With Human Toilet 

Lola has brought andy, her human toilet, to a convention with her. This clip chronicles a day in andy’s life while at the convention. Lola has decided that she wants to practice standing to pee. She’s a girl, so standing to pee is a little tricky. Andy has to wear a gag that makes his face into a urinal. Lola wants andy to be a human urinal for not just her, but for all her girlfriends. First, Lola tries standing…


Brat Princess – Alexis Grace – Fingers Her Belly 

  Alexis Grace is smoking a cigarette out on the patio and she notices that her belly button is feeling very sensitive. She looks to see if any of the neighbors can see her in the backyard. When Alexis thinks she’s alone she unzips her body suit, exposing her naked breasts, and takes out her belly button ring. Alexis fingers her deep belly button and moans with pleasure. She plays with making her innie into an outie. Finger fucking her…


Public Disgrace – Aug 14, 2015 – John Strong, Fetish Liza and Lola 

  Lola is back again on Public Disgrace for more humiliation, shaming, and debauchery! Fetish Liza and John Strong expose this gorgeous busty slut to the city of Budapest! Lola is there to service, suck, fuck and become a human ashtray of filth. Her embarrassment to put on a sexy show for the large crowd quickly gets remedied with two huge loads of cum to her face.

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