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Hucows – Liz & Venom – double clit milking 

Our resident HuCow Liz is mosting likely to be introduced to one more brand-new good friend: the newly arrived Venom! It really assists to combine new HuCows with seasoned ones. They remain in a separated cage, yet they appear to be getting on extremely well, they are ordering each other’s udders and Poison plainly feels attracted to Liz! The farmer thinks it is safe to eliminate the partition and also quickly the girls go full lesbian in the cage (consisting…


Hucows – Liz – clit milking 

Our Liz has some large puffy nipples! She would certainly be an ideal HuCow, but she just needs a little bit more stimulation to get her hormonal agents moving. The very best means to do that is in fact not simply milking sessions, but likewise sexual stimulation. We sent out Liz back to our intake room, where Dr Farmer will certainly get her on the three-way bleeding machine. That need to help her to boost her hormonal agent degrees as…


HuCows – Liz – Inspection and Pumping 

It is important to do regular check ups of your HuCows. They need to stay in top shape. Medical inspections are just as important as exercise. Liz is taken to the inspection room to be examined and oiled to ensure she is a healthy HuCow. After the inspection, her udders are oiled up for a pumping session. Liz has uniquely shaped udders with large puffy teats but she could use a little more volume. Regular pumping sessions will help. She…


Liz – caged HuCow 

Poor Liz! She has been caged and chained to the wall, nipple suckers on her teats, and a large bell around her neck. She looks defeated. Her nipples hurt from all the milking and she really hopes there won’t be a session today. Unfortunately, the farmer has decided to really try and elongate her famous puffy teats and he is making progress! Liz’s udders and teats are becoming very pointy, which makes them easier to milk. Her nipples get sucked…

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