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HuCows – Lisa In The Basement 

Lisa is a charming HuCow with big breasts, yet we just can’t place everyone in the barn. So we saved Lisa in the cellar. We fitted her with a large new glossy nose ring as well as cuffed her to a chair. However we didn’t forget her! Her nipple areas still red from her last milking, she gets fitted with a significant ballgag for today’s session. Lisa may have big breasts, her nipple areas are still small. We manage to…


HuCows – Lisa – nipple training 

Lisa is a redhead HuCow with freckled udders! So nice! Remember when she first came in asking to be a HuCow? Then she returned 4 years later, her udders had tripled in size! Today, she gets more nipple training, as those teats haven’t grown as much as her udders. The electronic breast training machine with milking cups attached is the perfect way to elongate those nipples! We start with some clover clamps of course, and we add a locking ballgag…


Hucows – Lisa – back to the barn 

Now here is an interesting story: Remember Lisa from 4 years ago? She wanted to be a HuCow so bad that she contacted us to have a voluntary session on the goat milker. We never heard from her again after that. Until this week, when she suddenly emailed us. Lisa wanted to show us her progress! And wow! She looks completely different! Nice fat udders (tripled in size from 4 years ago) and a great body! We insisted she should…

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