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BrutalMaster – Lilah Rose 

Lilah Rose is back in HECK! for a Weekend break of Pain, a non-stop series of pains, tortures, penalties, deteriorations, and embarrassments. In this initial installation the cunthole remains in the stocks as well as her breasts are milked– a harsh initial for her. Her pain-bags in fact began dripping nector from her whore-nipples. She began with Italian Agony Secures on her nipple areas, however the suction of the bleeding machine quickly pulled them off, as the bitch started to…


BrutalMaster – Lilah Rose | 1 June 2020 

Lilah Rose is among our faves here in HECK!, she always has actually been as well as constantly will certainly be. But this particular session was really above and also beyond, as well as a lot of it was her suggestion! The slut is strung up, inverted, (she linked those ankle connections herself) and after that she is hurt with candle wax and at some point a crank magneto electric gadget that causes her to yell louder than we have…


BrutalMaster – Lilah Rose | 18 July 2019 

When we say “BrokenCane’ you already know we mean, we beat Lilah Rose with a can until it shattered on her whore ass. Just want to get that out there. So we could have called this, “Beaten Until The Cane Broke,” or “We Broke The Cane On This Bitch’s Ass,” or something like that. But we wanted to keep in simple so, Broken Cane works. Lilah Rose is gagged with a dental spreader, she’s a droolling, whimpering, worthless mess and…


BrutalMaster – Lilah Rose | 25 November 2019 

Tortured. That is what this is, Lilah Rose is tortured. We thought about coming up with some other, trendier or more colorful title bit pain in pain, a bitch is a bitch, and that pretty much say it here. Lilah Rose is a bitch in pain, being tortured. It is sort of elegant. Along those lines, Lilah is strung up in HELL! and then the whipping starts, and the cunt is instantly transformed to a world of agony. That lasts…

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