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Subby Girls – I’m Dying 

  Looks like the tickling may be a bit much for little Olive. She’s dying right about now as she does everything she can to escape, but Leya is not known for mercy. Instead the tickling will continue until Leya is happy that she has endured enough.

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Subby Girls – Slut Face 

I’m guessing that Leya’s pet Mahina lied to her, which is why she finds herself tied all night to the bed while Leya writes “Slut Face”, “Whore” and “Liar on her body with lipstick. Still that doesn’t stop Leya from licking her pussy because, well, she loves to do that especially when her pet is bound with nowhere go to. Then she walks away leaving Mahina to beg for more attention.

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Subby Girls – Her Foot In Her Mouth 

Sara and Leya busy relaxing means Amanda needs to be given something to do. So Sara makes her part of the couch, sits on her and has her kiss her feet while she watches tv. It’s very comfortable for Sara, having a heated seat that also pampers her feet. It also gives Amanda the chance to adore Sara while the girls waste away a lazy day.

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Subby Girls – Playing With Kitty 

Man, when Elle wants to kiss, she really wants to kiss! With a pounce on the bed she wakes up Leya and comes in for the kill, kissing her female plaything as and when she wants. She even gets some boob sucking fit in for good measure. Looks to be a good morning for oral pleasure with both girls enjoying each other first thing this fine morning.

Lezdom & Lesbian

Subby Girls – I’m Taking You Now 

  Looks like there has been a change of plan. While Leya and Lily were supposed to head out, instead it seems like Leya will just use Lily on the stairs. One can never be sure what Leya is thinking at any given time but clearly something snapped and she needs to grope and kiss Lily right now. Given that Lily is her property means that this is a simple task, just drag her to the stairway and take her…

Lezdom & Lesbian

Subby Girls – Choke The Whore 

I guess Leya is in a bad mood. Either that or she just feels like abusing her pet Amanda. Whatever Leya’s reasons are one thing is for sure, Amanda will be choked by Leya’s feet. Into her mouth they go and she shoves them in deep, with no regard for her ability to breathe or hold back her vomit instinct. Leya doesn’t care, she just wants her feet to be licked, sucked and worshipped while abusing her pet in the…

Female Domination

Men Are Slaves – Get The Mud Off My Feet 

Even the most useless males out there can have some use as a slave to a woman. Leya has many slaves, and she tends to relegate the less useful ones to the most menial tasks. This slave’s goal in life is to ensure that her feet are clean. That’s it. He waits for her to come inside and then he licks her dirty feet clean. Then he goes back to waiting like a good slave should, waiting until he can…

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