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FemdomEmpire – Painful Pussy Pleaser – Kiara Cole 

Girlfriend Kiara really gets off on requiring to be happy especially when she understands her servant will remain in constant misery. His spiked chastity is locked on limited ensuring his cock gets all the pain while she gets all the satisfaction. She enjoys to tease her powerless bitch with her pussy so close to his captive cock but never ever providing him what he truly desires. Slaves do not obtain fuck a cozy, wet pussy however they do reach lick…

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FemdomEmpire – Spoil Her Feet – Kiara Cole 

Mistress Kiara’s feet are tired and sweaty after a day of kicking slave balls in her sheer stockings. She needs to have her feet properly spoiled so graciously rewards her bitch with the opportunity to smell, lick and clean every inch. His cock is kept locked away so his focus is only on her feet and never about his selfish desires as Mistress Kiara dangles her perfect ass in his face. Of course, this means his cock is that much…

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FemdomEmpire – Straight From The Tap – Kiara Cole 

Mistress Kiara knows how much you hate eating your own cum as once you shoot a load that horny mind of yours just disappears. She has figured out the perfect way to make you finally be the good cum swallowing receptacle that she desires you to be. Mistress Kiara is going to get your cock right on the edge as once you are ready to blow your load you will be given just the instruction you need to complete your…

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FemdomEmpire – Recycled Cum Treat – Kiara Cole 

Mistress Kiara Cole lives a green life who believes everything needs to be recycled to save our planet. Her obsession with recycling doesn’t just stop with glass and plastic goods though. She makes sure every last drop of her helpless gimp’s cum is completely recycled back into his body. Mistress Kiara strokes her bondage gimp’s hard cock until he shoots a big load all over her boots and makes him lick it all back up.

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FemdomEmpire – Filthy Fucked Whore – Kiara Cole 

Mistress Kiara Cole is a fresh, young Domme who has rightfully found her place with men worshipping her big, strap-on cock. She shows no mercy on her slave’s filthy fuck-hole as she trains his ass to be ready for her big party. All of her hot, slutty girlfriends are coming over to run a train on her boy-toys holes whether he is ready or not. He will do what it takes to impress his Mistress’s girlfriends as he bends his…

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MeanBitches – Kiara Cole 4- Cuckold Sex 

Your teacher gave you an F on your exam. You hate him… he’s a bully and wants to ruin your life. Your girlfriend Kiara says she will handle this, but when she confronts him, he starts groping her and grabbing her ass right in front of you! Even worse – SHE LIKES IT! She tells your teacher that you…

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MeanBitches – CuckQuean – Kiara Cole 

Kiara knows that her stepfather wants her and that she can easily seduce him any time she wants. She flirts with him in front of her mother, knowing it drives her crazy. She tells her mother that if she doesn’t suck her boyfriend’s cock, she is going to fuck her husband. Her mother knows she can’t compete…

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