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Female Domination, Shoe & Boots

FemdomEmpire – Bottom Boot Bitch – Kendra Spade 

Girlfriend Kendra Spade’s slave came a cropper on cleansing her boots the 1st time however is given a second possibility as long as he only uses his mouth. She is a merciless bitch as she scolds and also degrades her mat so he knows just how reduced she really thinks about him. He would certainly like absolutely nothing greater than to prayer her bare naked soles but will never be provided the opportunity as dirty natural leather boots are the…


BrutalSessions – Kendra Spade, Derrick Pierce 

Kendra Spade: The Insatiable Slave Kendra is an obedient slave who’s only need is to offer her master. She is normally passive, and also willing to do whatever it takes to please him, even if it goes to her very own expenditure. She starts on her back atop a wood box in the middle of the dungeon with her limbs restrained with steel irons. Derrick goes into and also checks her hot little body, before offering her a couple of…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

FemdomEmpire – Strap-on Cherry Pop – Kendra Spade 

You have been wishing to obtain fucked, filled and also stretched by a Girlfriend for far as well lengthy and also since day is here. Mistress Kendra Spade has a big, thick penis ready to pack your openings as well as she isn’t mosting likely to relax on you. She desires this to be a moment you will always remember leaving your virgin opening gaping open as well as sore for weeks to come. Now be an excellent little slut…


Hogtied – August 30, 2018 – Kendra Spade 

Kendra is actually a pleasant dude with a burning need to become tied and tormented. She’s an remarkable body and so are prepared to do exactly what is needed to ensure that she has the realest bondage adventure she ever can. That is just another perfect illustration of exactly what constitutes hog-tied the ideal bondage rope site over the interwebs! Her body has been crammed with lashes out of the thick leather flogger as a result of The Pope. She…


Hogtied – August 30, 2018 – Kendra Spade 

Sweet and Innocent Kendra Spade Gets Bound, Tormented, and Made to Cum Kendra is a sweet young lady that has a burning desire to be tied and tormented. She has an amazing body and is willing to do what it takes to make sure she gets the realest bondage experience she can. This is another perfect example of what makes Hogtied the best bondage rope site on the interwebs! Kendra begins on her back atop a wooden horse with her…

Female Domination, Pegging, Strap-on

FemdomEmpire – Stretched Boy-Pussy – Kendra Spade 

Only good boys get cocks shoved deep in their ass by Mommy Domme Kendra Spade. She only gives her slave a fat dick if he deserves it and today he has proven to be her good little boy. Mommy Kendra uses her strap-on cock to really hollow out her slave’s hole by pumping and thrusting every inch deep inside. The more he squeals and begs to be stretched the harder she uses his hole for her own pleasure. The bitch-boy…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

FemdomEmpire – RoboMilked – Kendra Spade 

The future is now as sex machines are here to stay and Mistress Kendra Spade loves to use them on her helpless slaves. Her slave has been denied the warm, wet feeling of pussy since the day he was collared but Mistress Kendra wants to treat her good boy with the next best thing. A warm, wet machine swallowing his dick whole as it milks his cock like never before. She is going to keep him strapped up to her…


EverythingButt – Kendra Spade, Dee Williams 

Teacher’s Pet: Kendra Spade Takes Revenge on Teacher Dee Williams 18 year old brat Kendra Spade gets revenge on her strict teacher Dee Williams by fucking her in the ass with lots of huge butt toys and a fat strap-on dildo. “Mrs. Williams is a stupid whore” is written on the chalk board when Dee shows up late for their meeting. First thing Kendra does is pull her cutoff blue jean shorts down and tells Mrs. Williams to eat her…

Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

FemdomEmpire – Kendra Spade – Chastity Boys Lick Better 

Chastity is the perfect tool to make any boy work harder, please harder and be the best slave they can possibly be. Mistress Kendra Spade uses permanent chastity on all her boy-toys as she never wants them thinking about their own selfish pleasures. She wants every thought and every action in the slave’s mind to only be about pleasing her holes and chastity forces the bitch to do just that. Mistress Kendra rips the duct-tape viciously off the slave’s mouth…

Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots

FemdomEmpire – Kendra Spade – Disobedient Foot Pet 

Mistress Kendra’s pet is useless at cleaning the house but at least can be properly trained to clean her feet. He still needs a lot of training in obedience as he can’t help but talk back but she is more than happy to always correct the bitch. Mistress Kendra trains her pet to worship and clean every inch of her leather boots to her sheer thigh highs down to her bare naked soles. She leaves no part untouched so her…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Handjob & Milking

FemdomEmpire – Kendra Spade – Slave Milking Frustrations 

Mistress Kendra’s milking device is the best tool to edge out every last drop of cum from a slave’s cock. The vibrations are so intense that no matter how hard a slave may try to hold back he will always bust a nut. Mistress Kendra’s slave knows that once he blows his load he will be swallowing every single drop and fights hard to not cum this week. Unfortunately, he is no match for the milking tool as it vibrates…

Foot Worship

FemdomEmpire – Devoted Foot Slut – Kendra Spade 

Princess Kendra Spade loves a good bitch that worships the ground she walks on and will do anything to lick her soles clean. Her well-trained doormat lives for feet especially if they are a bit stinky from wearing and walking in high heels all day long. As a reward for being so devoted to his Princess’s beautiful size 7 feet she rubs and massages his horny cock right before bashing his balls in with her soles.

Female Domination

FemdomEmpire – Princess Pussy Juices – Kendra Spade 

When a Princess wants to cum, she gets to cum. There is no denying Princess Kendra her orgasms when she demands to have her holes pleasured by an obedient and chastised slave. Her slave’s cock has been locked up for so long that his mind has been completely trained to only focus on her pleasure. Princess Kendra uses his tongue making him fuck her holes with every inch. Her pussy gets extremely wet with every lick making her grind that…


FamiliesTied – May 10, 2019 – Stirling Cooper, Kendra Spade, Christy Love 

Squirting Anal Step-Daughter Kendra Spade Hate Fucks For The Family Christy Love is a sweet suburban MILF with too much time on her hands and not enough cock in her life. Bored and horny in her mansion, she is a perfect target for a sexy con man like Stirling Cooper. Posing as a new age guru, Stirling works his way into her bank account, then into her tight pussy and asshole. Christy’s submissive nature leads her down a path of…

Pegging, Strap-on

FemdomEmpire – Trained for Dick – Kendra Spade 

Princess Kendra Spade needs to get her slave’s ass primed and ready for her big party. She plans to have him be the entertainment for all of her girlfriends to use and abuse with their giant strap-on cocks. His ass needs to be properly stretched out before the big night and Princess Kendra has just the ass splitter to get the job done. Using her big red cock she hollows out her slut’s hole until he is gaping and ready…

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