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Hucows – Katie – cow vacuum 

We had Katie in the milking frame, yet today her back pain a little, so we took her down as well as allowed her to remain on the flooring. Her big breasts are getting utilized to the routine milking sessions, but today it is time to hook her onto the powerful vacuum of the cow milker! We switched off the pulsator, so rather than pumping, the maker offers constant vacuum cleaner suction. It is really solid, and it drew Katie’s…


Hucows – Katie – good results 

We were just milking Katie, as we do everyday. Her udders have ended up being very really heavy and also she really intends to begin generating milk to get some of that milk out. She is such a friendly manageable hucow now, she will certainly not protest being secured right into the milking framework, and also she likes her breast massages. After a brief session on the goat milker, she unexpectedly said loudly: ‘Wait! I assume something is happening!’. We…


HuCows – Katie – a new frame 

We are always thinking about new methods to milk the herd. A lot of frameworks are very awkward for the HuCow’s back, and we don’t want them to suffer from neck and back pain (only nipple pain). We need healthy HuCows! So we took the milking stand that was sent over by a fan and mounted it at an angle. Katie’s substantial breasts only just suit this kind suitable gadget, which has a midsection strap and also neck bar to…


Hucows – Katie – high speed milking 

Katie is one of our leading Hucows! Large breasts, and also a terrific body! She is perfect for milking all day, because she is nice as well as accommodating when secured right into a bleeding framework. We did not obtain any type of milk out of her yet though, so it is time to turn up the goat milker’s rate. Something we have never done prior to. Katie’s udders are milked two times as fast, which is drawing her nipples…


HuCows – Katie – milked standing up 

Lots of participants have actually asked us if it is feasible to bleed a HuCow standing up. Well, we tried it lately with our reward HuCow Katie and also it worked! We made a framework for her which secured her wrists and ankle joints in position. After that we attached her muzzle trick to the top of the frame. Katie wasn’t able to bend over currently, which she likes to do to hang her udders. We launched the goat milker…


Hucows – Katie – Nipple Enlargement Training 

Katie’s breasts are substantial and also complete, she is our most established HuCow! However her nipples are very little contrasted to her enormous breasts. She will certainly require a lot of particular training to her teats to elongate. The most effective way to do that is the digital breast training machine with some glass mugs to stretch her nipples to 3 or 4 times their original size. The form of the cups make sure the impact lasts very long, as…


Hucows – Katie – udder massage 

Katie worked so hard, she is entitled to an enjoyable massage therapy. In fact, it is very healthy and balanced to give your HuCows routine udder massage therapies. It raises the hormone degrees and also enhances blood circulation, particularly if the udders are really hefty, like Katie’s. As well as for the farmer, it is loosening up too! We took off her collar and also cuffs for this occassion, she is manageable anyhow. Katie obtains an excellent lengthy massage therapy…


HuCows – Katie – full udders 

Katie is somewhat of a wonder HuCow. Despite the number of times we milk her (as well as we have actually bled her A WHOLE LOT), her breasts always are full and also incredibly heavy. Her small framework has to bring a great deal of weight! That’s why she actually suches as the sensation of getting bled. Katie even suches as to get strapped in the bleeding framework, it sustains her arms, legs, as well as waist, letting those huge…


Hucows – Katie – Bigger Nipples 

Well, our prize HuCow Katie has huge breasts, that’s for certain! Yet her teats are not that big. So we need to work on increasing their size to make them a lot more sensitive, much longer as well as bigger nipple areas will certainly be a lot more effectively bled by devices like the red cow milker. We made new clear nipple training mugs specifically for Katie, and hooked them to the really powerful digital breast training maker. This machine…


Hucows – Katie – more exercise 

Exercise is indeed crucial for your own HuCows inside our herd! Katie is on her fingers and knees, so she wants to wake right up and perform just a small work out! Fantastic thing we all now have our treadmill to coach our HuCows, therefore they are able to stay indoors and safely burn up some calories. Those udders weigh a lot!! To begin with we create Katie walk into the treadmill at heels, very tough for a HuCow, however…


Hucows – Katie Thornton – sleep massage 

Katie needs to rest a lot, her sessions are exhausting, and carrying around two udders that weigh as much as her head (each) is very tiring too. The farmer usually lets her sleep on the milking bed, because it is the only way Katie can sleep on her stomach. With her udders hanging freely under the bed, sometimes the farmer sneaks under the bed and massages and milks Katie, even in her sleep! Don’t worry, Katie is used to getting…


Hucows – Katie – Super High Speed 

This session with Katie was intense! She hates the red cow milker because it is the most powerful machine, and even though her udders are fully developed, her nipples are small and sensitive. The red cow milker always doubles her nipples in size, it is very exhausting and Katie always makes great moaning (moo) sounds when she is milked by the red cow milker. But in this session, we turned up the milking speed higher than ever before! Super high…

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