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Spanking & Whipping

MenAreSlaves – Maggot, Part 2 

This slave is about to find out just how cruel young girls can be today as Daisy gets the whip. Now she will whip him into submission along with Kassondra and Kate, as the girls cut into him without care for any cries of mercy. He will suffer because he is a male, and because he is their property to be used and abused as they see fit.

CBT & Ballbusting, Shoe & Boots

MenAreSlaves – Maggot, Part 1 

Kate, Kassondra and Daisy look like sweet young girls except for one thing, they are actually completely ruthless with submissive men. Like this male slave they affectionately named Maggot. They use and abuse Maggot regularly often bringing him to the point of tears. Why? Because they love to own and torture male slaves.

Female Domination

Men Are Slaves – Control The Cock, Control The Male 

  It’s something most dominant women know, control the cock and you control the male. There are two ways to control it, one is with chastity which keeps males honrny and compliant. But Edyn, Kate and Kassondra prefer the other method which involves binding a slave to a table and electrocuting his cock and balls. He’ll do anything for the girls after they are done playing with their remote control voltage toy.

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Cum Countdown – Apologize Right Now 

  Kassie and Kassondra don’t want to be bothered with your noises, so the last thing they want to see and hear is you holding your cock while kneeling in the middle of the floor. You definitely need to apologize to the girls especially since you didn’t even ask for permission to grab your cock. Apologize, and hope they will still have some mercy on you and permit you to cum.

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