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Lydia at Work – Lydia McLane, Jewell Marceau 

Here we go to the last day of the marathon shoot we made with the delectable Jewell. Thankfully Lydia was also able to prolong her capturing days, as well as we got a real reward on the last day. Lydia was really feeling tough, so she got to switch right into her regular leading mode, and also Jewell went all gooey at the idea of being regulated and tortured by such a hot Dominant Female.

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Jewell and Tangent Cane the Ass slave 

“You are going to serve us well today slave. Do you know how you are going to serve us today? By bending over and taking everything we’ve got!” Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell are in a particularly sadistic mood today and this slave is going to pay for it. The slut of a slave signed up to be an “ass slave”. Little did he know that he would be serving as an ass slave in different ways than he had…

Pegging, Strap-on

Clubdom – The Sissy Slut gets Pounded by Tangent and Jewell 

Mistress Jewell and Goddess Tangent have their sissy slut on his knees with his hands behind his back. Jewell and Tangent are both wearing big black strap on cocks. Goddess Tangent tells her slut that unless he makes their cocks nice and wet with his slutty mouth then he will be fucked dry. After getting his Mistresses’ cocks properly lubed, with his spit and drool, the sissy slut takes his position on the fucking bench. Goddess Tangent pounds his slutty…


Clubdom – Jewell and Tangent Double Stuff the Ass Slave 

Now it’s time for the slut’s reward! But first the Ladies decide that his slutty mouth needs to be stretched like they already stretched his slutty asshole. Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell take turns fucking the slut’s mouth. Their huge cocks stretch his lips and they force their strap ons deep into his throat. The ass slave gags, chokes and cries at the delight of the Ladies. They even try to stuff his mouth with both of their huge cocks…


Clubdom – Jewell and Tangent Paddle the Ass slave 

The beautiful Goddesses are waiting for the ass slave to enter the room. Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell are sitting on the spanking bench, both wearing high heeled black boots and hot black latex outfits exposing their perfect breasts. They have their legs spread open revealing their huge strap on cocks. Entering the room crawling on his hands and knees is the slave. The ass slave’s eyes light up in excitement as he sees the huge cocks between their legs….

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

Clubdom – Tangent, Jewell and the Filth Extractor 

The pain slut has done a decent job taking his caning and whipping but now there is another problem. Mistress Jewell is disgusted by his huge balls. She informs him that it is completely unacceptable for a slave to have that much testosterone in their balls. Jewell tells the slut that it has to be extracted! Goddess Tangent agrees that not only does his nuts need to be emptied but he must eat every last drop of his own filth….

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Jewell Marceau and Goddess Tangent Whip slave For Tardiness 

This slave has made a very serious and stupid mistake. Two of the most beautiful and brutal Mistresses in the world are waiting for this late, pathetic slave. Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell Marceau are not going to take this transgression lightly! Finally, the slave crawls into the room and kneels trembling before the latex clad Goddesses. Jewell and Tangent explain to the lowly slave that he is about to be whipped without mercy. He has no choice but to…

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