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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Humiliatrix – How Bratty Heather Teased Your Tiny Cock Stiff the Very First TIme 

  “Remember how I made your dweeby little dick stiff for me back in school? Do you remember the way I teased your baby boner, getting you all excited only to burst your little bubble and shame you like the sissy loser you will always be? You don’t get to cum in my mouth dork, but you can still keep jerking off to me…”   Princess Heather, bubble gum fetish, pecker shaming, jerk taunting…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Humiliatrix – Princess Amy – Prove That You’re an Ass-Kissing Jerk Pig for Amy and Amber 

  “When most normal guys see a hottie in a sexy bikini they think about getting into our bikini bottoms and fucking us. But when a pathetic, hopeless jerk-pig like you sees us in our bikinis, you think about getting on all fours, oinking, kissing our asses and jerking your pigtail. And now you’re gonna prove it to us, oinky-bitch…” Princess Amy, Princess Amber, bikini bitches, jerk taunting, ass kissing…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Humiliatrix – The Day Remi Turned You into Her Pecker-Jerking Loser for Life 

  “I want you to watch me gloss my lips for my man and think about that day in school when I turned you from a semi-normal loser into a pathetic, submissive, jerkaholic for me for life. Do you remember what I did to you? Or do I need to force you back down that rabbit hole and crush your ego all over again, right now?…” Princess Remi, sadistic schoolgirl, relentess verbal humiliation, SPH, jerk taunting…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Humiliatrix – Amazon Alexis Dangles You like a Jerk-Puppet from Her String 

  “Look how tiny you are down there beneath me. You’re like my little puppet on a string. I could make you do anything I want, puppet. Smother you with my ass and smoosh you under my shoe. Make you beg to worship my amazon legs and pussy — then make you jerk that tiny little puppet pecker for me..” Alexis Grace, puppet humiliation, goddess worship, jerk taunting, cum commands..

Female Domination

Humiliatrix – Dork Destuction: How Snarky Katie Turned u into a Jerkaholic Loser 

“Before you met me you didn’t stutter, steal panties or slime your dork-pants every time a mean girl sneers at you. I guess you have me to thank for all that, LOL, huh, dorkbutt. Do you remember what I did to destroy your confidence and turn you into a fist-creaming fucktard for the rest of your life?….” 15 emasculating minutes Princess Katie, step-brat, caught jerking, verbal emasculation, jerk taunting…

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