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Female Domination

Clubdom – Jean Bardot’s Sissy Training Movie 

Jean Bardot feels that if this submissive is going to be a real sissy slut, then “he” needs to become a “she” and look the part. Jean brings in a rack of female clothes and chooses a very slutty outfit for the sissy slut to wear. Jean also puts a wig and make-up on her slut. Jean wants her sissy to learn how to be a good slut by sucking cock for her and she decides to instruct her sissy…

Pegging, Strap-on

Clubdom – Liberated From Manhood by Jean and Lydia: Strap On 

The incredible Goddesses, Ms. Lydia and Mistress Jean, are both looking hot as fuck, decked out in latex. They are both wearing big black femdom cocks. Ms. Lydia tells their slut to open wide and Mistress Jean sticks her big strap-on into the sissies mouth. The slut is forced to suck both of their cocks and then it’s time for his manhood to disappear completely and forever. It’s time for him to get fucked in his slutty ass by his…

CBT & Ballbusting, Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Liberated From Manhood by Jean and Lydia: Caning 

Ms. Lydia and Mistress Jean have their emasculated slave with his hands, cock and balls bound in a movable stockade. They wheel him around into position in the dungeon. The plan is to strip more layers of manhood away with their canes. But first they have some fun with their bitch by placing several clothespins on his stretched out tongue. They then beat his already sore balls some more with their crops. The slave struggles to cry out in pain…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Clubdom – Liberated From Manhood by Jean and Lydia: Ball Shock 

It’s now been thirty days since Jean Bardot and Lydia Supremacy have relieved their slave of his manhood. They decide that it is a good time for them to check in on their bitch. They let him out of his cage for inspection. Ms. Lydia compares his tiny dick with the size of her heel. Jean and Lydia laugh because her heel dwarfs their pathetic slave’s little unit. Mistress Jean has a remote control in her hand and now it’s…

Shoe & Boots

Clubdom – Liberated From Manhood by Jean and Lydia: Boot Worship 

The slave’s manhood is almost completely gone after all the pain, humiliation and torture that Ms. Lydia and Mistress jean have put him through so far today. However, there is a little manhood remaining. Jean and Lydia decide to humble their slave and turn him into their bootlicker. Mistress Jean orders her bitch to kiss her long black boots. He is forced to kiss and lick her boots all the way from the bottom to the top. Then Mistress Jean…

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Liberated From Manhood by Jean and Lydia: Whipping 

The removal of the slave’s manhood continues as Jean Bardot and Lydia Supremacy have their victim helplessly bound on the whipping platform. Ms. Lydia tells her slave that they will be peeling off his masculinity today, layer by layer. They already tortured his cock and balls until he was a crying mess. Now it’s time to literally peel the skin off his back with their whips! First Lydia warms up his back with a dragon tail whip. Next, its Mistress…

CBT & Ballbusting

Clubdom – Liberated From Manhood by Jean and Lydia: CBT 

Today is this slave’s best day ever! He is in the dungeon with Mistress Jean Bardot and Ms. Lydia Supremacy. They intend to free him of his “manhood” once and for all. There will be no doubt after today that this slave is no longer a man. He is whatever Jean and Lydia say he is. No more and no less. The fun starts with the slave on his knees and his cock and balls tied up with rope. Lydia…


Clubdom – Jean’s Punished Sissy Part 5 

  Jean Bardot continues to slut-train her sissy and today she is wearing the biggest cock of all of them. The slut BETTER take her cock! Jean makes the slut suck her cock and lube it up good with her spit. Then Jean bends the slut over but decides the slut needs a good paddling first. She gets out the paddle and gets to work scolding her sissy and paddling her slutty ass! Jean then fucks the brains out of…


Clubdom – Jean Bardot – Jean’s Stretched Slut Part 4 

  Jean Bardot is on a mission to train her slut and stretch her out. She WILL make sure her holes are stretched. The sissy has been in the dungeon cage. Jean comes in with her strap-on on and sits on top of the cage, stroking her cock and telling the sissy what is in store for her. You HAVE to hear what Jean says to the sissy! Jean then allows the sissy to come out of the cage and…


Clubdom – Jean Bardot’s Sissy Training Part 3: Stretching For Sluts 

  Jean Bardot is on a mission to turn her sissy into a total whore for her. She is continuing his training with even larger cocks for the bitch to take. Jean knows its just as important to work the mouth as it is for her to work the male pussy hole. She relentlessly fucks him, training him to take it, showing him that she means business when it comes to slut-training him.


Clubdom – Jean Bardot’s Sissy Training Part 2: Take Cock! 

  Jean Bardot is here to plow her slut with her cock so the slut learns what it means to be a real whore. Jean is excited to stretch out both the sissy’s mouth and ass so the sissy can take any sized cock Mistress Jean desires her sissy to take! The sissy struggles but eagerly accepts Jean’s enormous femdom cock in her slut-holes, wanting so badly to please Mistress Jean.

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