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CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Ball Busted Wimp! – Crystal Clark 

( Real Session recorded by Crystal Clark) @FredLandry6 is the biggest wimp bitch ever! He not only encourage and begged me numerous times on twitter to Beat him and let him have it , the Bitch snuck out of his house when his gf was napping for it. hahaha This bitch walked in begging to start an hour session and lasted 5 kicks!!! PATHETIC! Seriously the most pathetic bitch I’ve ever seen! the next time I do a ball busting…

Female Domination, Pegging, Strap-on

Caught sniffing Mistress Kiana’s panties 

You do not expect the room cleaner to be sniffing your panties and Mistress Kiana has caught the cleaner doing just that. He has been restrained and is given a couple of options. He either has to do whatever Mistress Kiana wants or suffer the consequences of being reported to his boss and losing his job for sniffing her panties. Naturally the cleaner opts for doing whatever Mistress Kiana demands of him and for him this means sucking on her…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering

Teased and Tortured – Kandii Kiss – Smell my sweaty ass 

  This was just supposed to be face sitting fun and turned into something different. Kandii Kiss had actually been wearing her workout pants on a hot summer day which made her big beautiful ass sweaty a lot. She decided that it would make the face sitting even more fun if her slave had to smell her sweaty ass. Kandii has way too much fun smothering his face. After it was over he admitted that he tasted some of her…

Cuckolding, Handjob & Milking


  Nyomi knows you have to eat, today it is going to be your own cum. She keeps your cock and balls on a leash and sticks her long fingernails into them. She makes you hard, She controls your cock. You plead with her to let you cum and maybe she will. But only after She has had her fun. Spitting into your mouth and making you swallow it. Spitting and slapping your cock. Keeping your cock on the edge….

Spanking & Whipping

American Mean Girls – The Punishment of Porch-Monkey 

  This is the second part of a slave trial where the porch monkey gets punished. In this part Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke punish the guilty slave who admits to being a . Princess Carmela tells the slave we don’t like around here so we are going to beat the black right out of you! The slave is commanded to crawl out of his cage and is surrounded by Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke who begin flogging…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Bondage Competition- Pt 1 

  One from the archives! Featuring Dante Posh, Kelle Martina and Noel Knight. Dante and I are enjoying the pleasure of each other?s company when we decide things are a bit too… quiet. We call in two eager submissives to help us in a contest of sorts. Dante and I are each going to pick a girl, and tie them up as best we can. Whichever girl makes it out first, is the winner. But what will the winner receive…

Lezdom & Lesbian, Strap-on

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Caught in the Act – Part 3 

  One from the archives! Continued from [Caught in the Act 2]. Now that her mouth has been warmed up, Dante Posh and I are eager to use Kelle’s other hole. We place her on the bed and take turns penetrating her pussy and mouth, making her masturbate the whole time. That’s what happens when a naughty whore is caught rubbing one out..

Lezdom & Lesbian

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Caught in the Act – Part 2 

  One from the archives! Continued from [Caught in the Act 1]. Dante and myself decide that this little slut needs to be properly shown who’s truly in charge, and we opt to do that with our strap-on cocks. Sliding on our harnesses over our latex dresses, we push our cocks into Kelle’s waiting mouth.. She’s forced to suck each of them as we impatiently demand more.

Female Domination

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Caught in the Act – Part 1 

  One from the archives! Featuring the beautiful Dante Posh and an adorable Kelle Martina. Kelle is masturbating on the bed, lost in her own reverie when Dante catches her brazen act. She orders her to continue like the slut she is, then decides she should be spanked in punishment. By the time I enter, her ass is bright red and will only get more red with each spank. But her punishment isn’t over.. it’s only just beginning.

Lezdom & Lesbian

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Glamorous Mistress – Earned An Orgasm 

  Continued from, featuring Monica Jade. This is the hottest girl/girl scene from this whole series! My slavegirl has pleased me with her worship, so I decide to toy with her lithe body. I enjoy how her dark skin is decorated in gold chains as I gag, blindfold, and tie her. I kiss her again and again, making her gasp as I steal the breath from her with each one. Then I begin to play with her body, making her…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Shane Diesel Is Your God 

  You watched so many of my BBC videos that you became obsessed with a particularly well hung stud. You’ve been scouring the net, pouring over images of Shane Diesel’s veiny, glorious, monster cock. You are amazed at its sheer size and tremendous girth! Your tiny white tiny isn’t even 1/3 of that freak of a cock! There is no denying that he’s your new fetish, your Master. Stroke while you admire him, while I encourage you. If you’re a…

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