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Female Domination, Trampling

HouseofSinn – Dirty Sports Shoes Humiliation Fun 

After a capturing session, in which the video camera man was a person with a big proclivity for worn sporting activities footwear, Girlfriend Ezada as well as Girlfriend Roberta decided to have some enjoyable with him, making him lick the soles of their well worn tennis shoes. Because the electronic camera was still there, they had the servant they simply utilized in the session film this exclusive play. The Girlfriends were extremely unwinded as well as had a great deal…

Female Domination, Spitting

HouseofSinn – A Human Spittoon Treatment For The Eager Whore 

This slut appreciates nothing greater than a mouthful of spit. Not his own naturally but the spit of his Girlfriends. The even more he is spat upon the much more he values the undignified embarrassment. Mistress Ez ada, Lady Y na and also Mistress Wickedness yne treat him to a spit shower to begin with before flipping him over on to his back to serve as their human spittoon. An alcoholic drink of spit, phlegm and also mucus rainfalls down…

Cuckolding, Female Domination

HouseofSinn – A Cuckolding Hell For Life 

There is no job a lot more painful for a caring hubby than helping his Proprietor other half prepare yourself for Her date with a brand-new guy, being reduced to a sissy house cleaning that dreams of Siren Ambra’s beauties that he will certainly never be able to take pleasure in for himself … After all, he is the one that wanted a trophy better half, he is the one who is just an abundant, old, impotent loser, only fit…

Female Domination, Latex & Rubber, Slapping

HouseofSinn – Nipple Abuse Extravaganza 

A servant exists to offer his Mistress, no matter exactly how She wants it so when Girlfriend Tess wishes to abuse his nipples, what committed male can refute Her pleasures? Possibly an extremely well put one however not him … He will certainly take everything his Girlfriend wants him to endure as well as be grateful for the chance to delight the Siren of his desires. Yet how much is too much to take? We will allow you be the…

Female Domination, Pegging, Spitting

House of Sinn – I will make a good slut out of you before the day is out 

Every slut slave dreams of being trained by the gorgeous Mistress Courtney but, sadly for them, only few get the opportunity to do so. The lucky one today must prove that he can suck like a slut while being opened up and fucked by the blonde Goddess and he does try b y the best of his abilities; the question is : will that be enough to impress Mistress Courtney? Will She give him the chance of being Her personal…

Foot Worship

HouseofSinn – Born to worship Her perfect feet 

The story starts with a tiny hole on Miss Sarah’s stockings through which the foot slave can better smell the enticing aroma of Her perfect feet and that harmless fantasy quickly degenerates in a frenzy of sniffing, touching, sole licking and toe sucking extravaganza. All while being encouraged to wank his dick in chastity so he can remember who he belongs to. As if he ever could forget he was born to serve and worship the feet of his Goddess…

Foot Worship

HouseofSinn – To adore a Goddess 

Mistress Saida is in a playful mood tonight and every naughty thought is about Her gorgeous feet, from Her dainty toes to the beautifully formed arch, all the way up slim ankles and down again. The boy loves to worship and he really tries to do a good job but. Her almost naked body is so very distracting. What will happen if he doesn’t do a good job?

CBT & Ballbusting

HouseofSinn – To Break A Chatel 

Caught in the web of Romanian Goddesses Miss Sarah and Goddess Ambra seems more of a dream than the nightmare it can become if you don’t obey Them. You may even try to hold out, to protect the information you possess but, in the end, Their interrogation techniques will break you. They are too beautiful, too strong, too sadistic and your pathetic male endurance will never match Theirs… All your worldly possessions will be Theirs, everything you own, They will…

Smoking, Spitting

HouseofSinn – Defiled by two Goddesses 

Mistress Roberta just moved to Dusseldorf and has invited the majestic Goddess Ezada to use one of Her slaves as whatever They want tonight. The lucky slave gets to be Their human furniture, taste Their spit and ash and even small trickles of **** from Their mouths as The Ladies converse about his skills or lack of them. All this time he remains silent and erect, just like a good slave should be but unable to retain Their interest for…

Handjob & Milking

HouseofSinn – We own your dick – Miss Tressa, Mistress Andromeda 

Miss Tressa and Mistress Andromeda have one of Their slaves tightly bound to a bondage and decide to tease and taunt him for Their amusement and fun. One thing is for certain this will not be amusing or fun for the slave boy. They flaunt Their beautiful latex clad bodies before him causing some stiffness in his chaste little dick but he is told in no uncertain terms that he does not have Their permission to come. They own the…


HouseofSinn – Caged anal whore 

Mistress Lissandra is the Queen of strap on whose favourite activity is fucking the asses of Her male whores. Today She has a surprise for Her naked caged slave – well it is not really a surprise because once he sets eyes on Her big strap on he knows he is in for a vigorous ass pounding that will only stop once his Mistress is tired of him. She releases him from the cage where he spends most of his…

Female Domination

HouseofSinn – Fetish ballerina doll 

Goddess Ezada brought a new slave in training to be a fetish doll and She presents him to Her friend Mistress Lilse von Hitte to get new ideas for his use at fetish events. Between two beautiful, sadistic Ladies he will soon be fitted with a corset and fetish ballerina boots in his journey of becoming the perfect fetish doll. There is not even one inch of skin visible as he is tormented in his gruesome training, unable to breathe,…

Cuckolding, Female Domination

HouseOfSinn – Ultimate Cuckold Humiliation 

  Mistress Kennya keeps Her slave hubby caged under Her bed, humiliated again and again with each and every bull She takes to Her bed. She loves to fuck real men, not the worthless wanker that breathes only to pay for Her lavish lifestyle. As She fucks the bull lovingly, the poor bastard wanks pitifully to the humiliation of hearing and seeing his beloved wife being pleasured by a real man. But the real nasty humiliation is yet to come;…

Spanking & Whipping

House Of Sinn – Mistress Saida – A perfect toy for My sadistic streak 

  Mistress Saida knows very well how to break Her pain sluts and this one is in for a treat tonight because the cruel Lady has in mind to use every implement in the room just to see which one is more painful…What will hurt him the most? How much will he take before the first whiny scream? And after that, She will use that very implement to beat him all day long…a perfect toy for Her sadistic streak. Her…

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