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Queensnake – CROTCH ROPE – HOLLY 2021 July 31 

I made a rope G-string for Holly and hung a 6 kgs kettlebell on it to make the rope cut into her pussy. To make the setup more interesting I also caned her butts and tits while the weight caused the rope tighten by every wriggle of hers. Later I started to swing the weight between the strokes to make it even more tight on her pussy.


Queensnake – CHILI CAGE – HOLLY 2021 September 25 

First we wanted to do a sparking cage movie with Holly but she gave up after one-minute electric shock on her pussy, it was too painful for her. Kudos to Nazryana, she could do it earlier. So I found out something else for Holly with the same setup. However I am not sure that it was a good barter for her since having hot pepper sauce on and in her pussy is probably even more painful than the electric stinger….


Lady Lilith – Holly Mein Rubber Toy (2018) 

Heute gibt es ein Geschenk für Lady Lillith, ihr Rubber Toy Holly hat sich ganz hübsch in Anzug und Krawatte und voll gummiert darunter, für seine Herrin heraus geputzt und zur Benutzung selbst ausgestellt. Was ihn zu so einer extremen Maßnahme drängt, sich selbst so auszuliefern, nur um die Gunst der Herrin zu erringen, ist klar! Sein 2,5cm kleiner XXS Steelworxx Keuchheits Käfig mit Innenplug und die Wochen welche er, das Toy, in unendlicher Geilheit nun schon darin schmoren musste….


QueenSnake – GLASS ORBS – HOLLY 2021 June 12 

Holly was the first lucky girl who could try our new restraint device which made her tits and pussy completely exposed for an aiming game. The rules were simple. Holly’s job was to endure the pain and scream, Jessica’s to shoot down the glass orbs attached Holly’s tits and pussy.


Queensnake – FUCKING MACHINE – HOLLY 2021 March 27 

Holly had three different kinds of stimulation at the same time. While her vagina was fucked by the machine, her nipples and belly got some high level electricity and Jessica was also whipping her muscular body as a third stimulus. In the second part of the movie the dildo was changed to a hairbrush so Holly could feel the pain inside and outside simultaneously.

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

FemdomEmpire – Slave Milking Ceremony 

Goddess Gigi as well as Holly welcome their brand-new bitch into a life of slavehood by ensuring he gets a proper bleeding ceremony. Every last decline of cum will be drained pipes from his rounds and milked straight right into his mouth as the very first of lots of embarrassing acts of submission to come.

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

QueenSnake – Under Pressure – Holly 2017 July 1 

Last time when I cleansed the balcony with the high pressure washing machine I have unintentionally strike my legs with the water, ouch it was fucking excruciating. I thought it would certainly be mean to try it on Holly’s nude body. So she became my guinea pig in this experiment. The water hit her butts, tits and also pussy like a whip. After the session I additionally tried the high pressure water on my pussy and also I have to…


QueenSnake – SUPERGLUE – HOLLY 2021 January 23 

Given that I informed the girls about my superglue session, every one of them wish to try it. This time around Holly’s tits and also pussy was closed with some superglue. After momentarily clearing away Holly’s nipples and also pussy lips Jessica attempted to restore them by whipping them constantly with a light flogger. I actually liked that part of the movie when Holly’s big internal labias were glued together, they resembled a flat mini pancake lol.

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

QueenSnake – LINKED TOGETHER – HOLLY & QS 2020 November 7 

Whipping two ladies at the same time while they are linked together by affixing clamps to their nipple areas and also pussy lips was my idea so I wanted to try it first. This time Holly was my connected companion. We were enabled to roll about throughout the whipping but we had to be careful not to tear off the clamps so we had to stay near each other that made us genuine friendships and also both of us tried…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

QueenSnake – JUMPING JACK – HOLLY 2017 October 28 

A new suspension/hoist setup has actually been made as well as Holly is the very first to experience it. The concept is simple, various things, a batch of chains, threaded rods, as well as the acquainted tack cushioned tube are affixed to a frame which can be brought up and also down using the electric hoist. The add-on then cuts into the expanded vaginal area of the victim who is standing over it, legs spread apart.

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