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BondageJunkies – Madison vs. Her Trial Run 

After weeks of design and prototyping, the gen 2 BondageBot is ready for a trial run. Madison was mostly happy to give it a try. Rigged up with a TENS, she hogties herself with handcuffs and is ready to start. The game is simple, the bot controls two boxes on either side of the room. She has 60 seconds to press each button on the boxes or get shocked. Despite her limited movement Madison soon finds ways to move fast…


BondageJunkies – Summer vs. Her Countermeasures 

Summer was in a bit of a dilemma. She was very excited for her date later that evening and wanted to prevent herself from taking matters into her own hands. So, when I offered to lock her into a chastity belt, Summer was super excited. Finding out the deal came with a strict trainer gag and a handcuff hogtie, not so much. Nevertheless, she got what she wanted. A foolproof method to ensure she’ll still be as frustrated as ever…


BondageJunkies – Madison vs. Her Own Gift 

With a week already past Madison was beginning to miss her boyfriend. If she was being honest, his hands tying her up was what was on her mind. Rummaging through the toy bag an idea struck her. She could still have her fun and maybe get those skilled hands back to her a bit quicker. With her camera set up, Madison puts on her favorite pantyhose and hogcuffs herself. Struggling for the camera she wonders why she doesn’t tie herself…


BondageJunkies – Joy vs. Sage’s Sabotage 

Having a roommate that’s also into bondage is usually a good thing. Borrowing toys without asking, not so much. Sage has just the solution to make sure Joy asks permission in the future. After cutting Joy’s chastity belt key in half all she had to do is wait. Joy’s routine, especially after a hard day, was to dabble in some self-bondage to get herself worked up. Her chastity belt always added to the fantasy that she would be denied days…


BondageJunkies – Sammi vs. Her Little Show 

After swinging by the toy store while out shopping she couldn’t help but pick up some clothes and handcuffs. Of course, instead of waiting for her boyfriend to get home, she decided to make a little video instead. Her excitement blurring her judgment she tosses the key away, sure she’ll be able to get free. If not, her boyfriend will have a nice surprise waiting for him.

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