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RealTimeBondage – HazelNut Part One – Hazel Hypnotic 

Our members have a few questions for Hazel Hypnotic so that they can get to know her before the live feed begins. Some of them seen innocuous and others are more probing but they are all designed to peel away her defenses, layer by layer, until her psyche is exposed. When we understand her fears and her desires we will know exactly how to torment her. And when she is laid bare, physically and mentally, then the real fun begins.


RealTimeBondage – HazelNut Part Two – Hazel Hypnotic 

Hazel Hypnotic has the kind of pale skin that shows marks right away and PD has no intention of letting an opportunity like that pass. He can lay that cane across her ass with enough energy to raise a welt on a rhino. Her skin turns red at first but before long the black and blue bruises start to show. How well she can endure that, and all of the other torments our members can devise, determines how much we…


InfernalRestraints – Careful What You Wish For – Hazel Hypnotic 

Hazel Hypnotic has never made a secret of her need to be beaten, bound and used. She should learn to be more careful with what she wishes for. Cyd Black is like an evil genie when it comes to giving a woman her heart’s desires. Whatever dreams she has will be twisted, perverted and turned against her. For a girl that has tame fantasies this can be rough. For someone as turned on by brutality as Hazel expect it to…


Hardtied – Wishlist – Hazel Hypnotic 

Sibling Dee has actually come back and also wants to meet the brand-new slut on the block. That would certainly be Hazel Hypnotic, that is all also ready to sit and also chat. She does not realize that all of these questions are designed to give SD an edge in the upcoming enjoyable. Hazel tells it all. Just how much she enjoys being bound as well as surprised. How excellent it feels to obtain fucked and also utilized. Exactly how…

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