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BondageJunkies – Hazel vs. Her Nylon Starfish 

Wondering what I had in store for her Hazel only had a puzzled look when I put a huge bin of pantyhose in front of her. As layer after layer was added she started to get the idea. Even more are used to secure her body into a hogtie but the best is yet to come. Using a body sized pantyhose sack she is stuffed inside. With plenty of extra room, the bag is twisted and pulled back over her…


Hazel vs. A Tight Spot 

You would have hard-pressed to locate a challenge for Hazel that she wasn’t up for, let alone excited to try. Today was no exemption as I had quite a dilemma for her. Utilizing some belts I rigged her arms into a limited boxtie and also upper body harness. A few even more to keep her legs protect to the table and a ballgag as well as she awaited the centerpiece. A fresh set of clover clamps took firm hold of…

Female Domination, Fighting, Scissorhold

Hazel Vs Dante – Pro Style Wrestling 

Hazel is challenged by Dante. He thinks he can overpower her, so they begin their lock up and Dante soon finds out that Hazel knows her pro wrestling holds. Dante is quickly put in multiple wrestling holds with no way out. Hazel seems to just love trash talking and humiliate Dante, and gets dominated from the start till the end where he’s left in agony.

Eye Fetish

Goddess B’s fantastic Peepers 

  These beautiful hazel eyes will make you melt like butter especially so close and in your face. Can you look away, break the stare or keep eye contact while I stop blinking? Watch this clip and enjoy! Make sure to email me your very own custom EYE fetish request!!!!

Female Domination

Cum Countdown – Pay Slut 

  Start paying, pay slut. Because to girls like Jezebel and Hazel you aren’t a man, you are a slave who must pay for any scrap of attention they throw your way. Even if it’s all ridicule and humiliation at what a loser you are, you will still pay. That’s because pay sluts always have to pay for permission to cum.

Female Domination

Cum Countdown – Paid Hazel – You Paid For This 

Yup, you paid for this. Paid Hazel for the honor of adoring her and stroking your cock while she totally ignores you like the good human atm that you are. Don’t feel special though, you aren’t the only paypig that she regularly drains dry, you are simply one in a sea of male pets that she makes full financial use of all while mostly ignoring you.

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