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BondageJunkies – Hannah vs. Her Earned Rewwards 

Tight rope, cinched extra tight, encircles her legs and arms preventing her from going far. Even if she entertained such thoughts the ring secured to her hair will dissuade Hannah. Pulling the ring up high it’s hooked to the pole behind her forcing her to stay high on her knees. A vibrator is tied between her legs and put on high which gets her moaning right away. For most in this position, it would be a relief but Hannah’s a…


BondageJunkies – Lola vs. A Little Decoration 

Normally the girls that end up in one of my predicaments did something to get there. They could have been bratty, uncooperative, or simply overconfident in their ability to escape. In Lola’s case, it was none of that. I simply wanted to see her tied up tight and on display. Helplessly drooling is always a bonus in which she was able to supply abundance. Truth be told, rope wrapped around a catsuit is always a sight to enjoy. The perfect…


BondageJunkies – Sage vs. Her Stubbornness 

It was nearing the end of the day and also I was preparing to relax on Sage. When I mentioned this she really did not concur at all. Upset I would certainly also recommend such a thing Sage urged I dial it up. Happy to give her what she wants I felt a dilemma needs to maintain her satisfied. Her elbow joints are looped with her wrists protected to a pole-mounted behind her. Her legs are frogtied and also a…

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