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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Jane – Slave Training Officially Begins 

  Goddess Jane knows how badly you want to serve and worship her, but if you want to be one of her foot slaves then you are going to have to earn it. Earlier this week, she had her best foot boy pump a huge load of cum for her after keeping him locked in chastity for quite awhile. She saved his cum in a container, just for you! If you want the opportunity to worship her gorgeous feet then…

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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Jane – Punished for Interrupting 

  Goddess Jane is video chatting with someone on cam, telling them how she locked up her boys in chastity and asking if they’re ready to worship her, too, when her husband interrupts her. He begs for a cam session with her to relieve his cock from chastity, which she agrees to, but only after he receives punishment for interrupting. Watch as she straps his cock into a shock collar, shocking him as he lays beneath her feet, completely naked,…

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Goddess Foot Domination – Taking What’s Hers Goddess Jane 

  Goddess Jane has been expecting a big promotion at work, but is disappointed to learn that her coworker, Stacey, was given it instead. She angrily sets out to get what she deserves, planning to get that sign on bonus one way or another, starting with seducing Stacey’s husband. Watch her kick off her heels and strip down to her bra and panties before whipping out his cock, teasing him with her pretty bare feet. See her give him a…

Foot Jobs, Foot Worship

Goddess Foot Domination – Bound and Locked Cheating Boyfriend Goddess Jane 

  When Goddess Jane’s boyfriend comes in wearing a special outfit for the kinky party they’re about to go to, she strips him down right there before binding his arms to his chest with bondage tape. Watch as she teases him with one foot as he licks and sucks on her other foot, sliding his tongue along her soft, wrinkly arches. The tables turn, however, when she calls him out for cheating on her, worshiping another woman’s feet. She decides…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Foot Domination – Phone Sex Goddess Jane 

  Goddess Jane is on the phone with her new lover, wearing nothing but a pair of latex stockings and crotchless latex panties. Listen as she tells him how she’s going to fit both of her sexy bare feet in his mouth, making him kiss, lick, and suck on her from heel to toe, worshiping her high arches and every inch of her feet. Watch as she runs her hands all over her body, teasing her perky nipples and wet…

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