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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Goddess Harley – Leave The Gene Pool 

Can you ever wonder why you still have this fetish for pulling the dirt from the base of footwear? Its due to nature wants one to leave the receptor pool. You’re demonstrably a useless, pathetic loser and also you want to be prevented from reproducing. If your instinct whenever you find a sexy girl is always to have a look at her shoes then you’re not a true person. A true man is going to be compelled to fuck a…

Female Domination

Real Cuckold Cum Dumpster – Goddess Harley 

Well slave, you wrote those emails begging to become my cuckold slave. And I’m gonna make your wish come true! LOL! You’ll be funding our dates and wait by my front door in chastity until we get back. And I’m gonna make sure when we get back I’m gonna get fucked by his big dick while you listen and precum in your cage. And then. the best part. bringing out the used condom and pouring it into your mouth!

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Slapping

Panties For The Ass-Hat – Amazon Goddess Harley 

My bitch cuck slave lives for those special little moments, like when I take my dirty panties and put them over his head, spit in his face, and slap him to the floor. My boyfriend goads me to hurt him as I shove him to the floor. He is such a fucking loser wimp that my boyfriend laughs as we crush him from the inside. You should see how many times I slam him to the floor, spit in his…

Cuckolding, Female Domination, Foot Worship

AmazonGoddessHarley – Our New Cuck 

My new cuck has arrived and it’s time to teach him his place. At me and my boyfriend’s feet. He will learn to bask his tongue in the essence of our mutual superiority. His tongue will learn to love the flavor or his feet as much as MY feet- whether he wants to or not. Nobody asked this freak to be my cuck, certainly not me. He just had to give in to his urges. Well giving in will cost…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

GoddessHarley – Touchless Footgasm Goals 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I made you cum. just by showing you my feet??? Mmmm, that’s the dream, huh??? Is it even possible??? Well, I think it is. I know it is. and it’s about to happen to you! I mean you can’t even get hard for sex with girls anymore. what kind of amazing video is this where I’m gonna show you my feet and your gonna cum in your pants! Haha.

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessHarley – Fast, Repeated, Complete and Final 

Annnnnd go! Start stroking. fast. faster… go , go , go stroke.. Look at me and go. That’s it. Dry. there’s no time. you gotta stroke fast and cum fast. just explode already. go, go go! Were goin’ for multiple orgasm here. Look at me and stroke, stroke, stroke. Now rip your hand away. ruin it. Now you got some tiny cum drips all over yourself for lube. don’t stop stroking. Nothings changed. I’m still super hot and I’m still…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Harley – Cuckolding Isn’t Enough 

  You don’t even get to touch you without permission. Hence the chastity device that has been on you for several months. So we made our little arrangement that I would get to fuck whoever I want you and you would get to serve me in any way I please, as well as the men who fuck me. I wanna push it a little bit further. I wanna take you from a boring cuckold, to a cock sucking cuckold! And…

Foot Worship

American Mean Girls – Chosen Foot Slave 

  Which slave-bitch can beg for Our feet the hardest? We’re going to pick ONE loser from a sad batch of foot-slaves we have here at our Mean Girl Manor. Who will be the lucky loser that gets to worship at our feet? It’s hilarious to see you losers begging like puppydawgs just for the chance to be the one who gets to be degraded by us! Beg, cry, whine, these slaves do whatever they can to be the “chosen…

Shoe & Boots

Goddess Harley – Leggy Lawyer Humiliates Him 

  I have my way with this so-called judge in the courtroom as well as in his chambers. I make him my shoe licking bitch and get plenty of blackmail pictures too! If he ever sides against me or my clients I will release all the pics of him licking his cum off my shoes!

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Harley – Say Good Bye To Your Orgasms 

  I am a perfect alpha goddess and you are beta male slime. You should never reproduce, and you will never reproduce, cuz instead of blue balls and chastity, I’ve decided to make you a eunuch. No more balls, LOL. Hacked off, in a nice way…maybe LOL. Actually, not in a nice way… I’ve got a true alpha male on his way over right now and I’m gonna have him beat you and beat you till you beg us to…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Harley – Thank Me For It 

  When you go through your daily ritual of checking my clip store… and you see that I didn’t post a new one today… I want a thank you email. I want you to thank me for having a life where I forget all about you. Thank me for going out on dates and getting fucked while you wait a day for a new clip. I want you to picture me laughing directly at you… in the dark… with your…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Harley – 3 Reasons Why, Homo 

  Now that your dressed in your Sissy dress and on your knees. I want you to write out 3 reasons why my boyfriend shouldn’t fuck your ass … and 3 reasons why he should.   All done??? Well I’ll just tear off that section about why he shouldn’t … and I’ll have you greet him at the door with why he should.   Oh and since you don’t need that part of the paper with the 3 reasons why…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Harley – Wrong Pantyhose 

  Oh my, I think I made a bit of a fashion mistake… I wore these pantyhose with these sexy high heels but I don’t think they go together. I’m so embarrassed. Do you think anyone will still find me sexy? I mean I’m afraid that I won’t have guys bowing down at my feet as usual. Do you think these stockings would keep you from immediately dropping to your knees??? I mean if you saw my anywhere like the…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Harley – Fucky Wuckie Fuckover 

  How does it feel to know that you’ll never get to “Fuck” me but you do get to be the one I “Fuck Over”, LOL. Awe, you “wuv” it huh! You “wuv” it when I take you to the mall and make you be my pathetic paypig in front of all the sales girls! Awe, who’s my widdle servant, Who gives me his wallet” haha! You do, (boop on the nose).

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