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Goddess Foot Worship – Chichi Madina – Post Workout Foot Worship 

  Chichi Madina just finished an intense workout and looks as hot as ever in a tight leotard and open toed knee high socks. When her friend stops by and sees her in her sexy workout gear, he confesses that he has a foot fetish and tells her that he would love to smell her sweaty feet. She decides to allow it, so he peels back her sock to expose her entire foot then gets to work, planting his nose…

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Goddess Foot Worship – Mia Martinez – Spring Break Visit 

  Mia Martinez has come to town for Spring Break. She’s staying with her aunt and uncle, but auntie is away for several days. Uncle Tom tries to be a good host, but he really can’t resist trying to sneak a taste of Mia’s lovely brown feet while she’s sleeping. Mia wakes up at catches him. The uncle tries apologizing, but Mia admits that it felt good and she’d like him to do more.   The perverted uncle doesn’t have…

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Goddess Foot Worship – While Hubby’s at Work 

  Conniving cougar Tabatha Jordan calls the gardener in from the hot sun to enjoy some cold lemonade. Under the guise of one favor deserves another, she asks the young man for a foot massage. She further explains that her husband is at work and practically does nothing for her anyway. It is soon apparent that the gardener actually has a thing for feet and the lucky dude cannot resist sneaking a sniff of this hot MILF’s delicate size fives….

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Goddess Foot Worship – Sloan Harper – Mom’s Boyfriend is a Sock Sniffer 

  Hot student Harper Sloan is home from her first day in college. After walking all over campus in her cute socks and sneakers, her feet are sore and stinky! Harper’s friendly step-dad offers to give her feet a little foot massage as they talk about her day. Turned on by the strong scent of her sweaty, pungent feet, he can’t help sneaking a quick taste of her salty toes. Harper lets out a quiet moan the moment his mouth…

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Goddess Foot Worship – Victoria Vargaz – Double Christmas Bonus 

  Victoria Vargaz calls her employee into the office for a meeting. The quiet guy is happily surprised when Victoria offers her bare feet to him as a Christmas bonus. This is exactly what Tom had on his wish list: these two perfect feet are like a double bonus! He sucks her toes and lathers the soles of her precious feet with his warm saliva.   As a model employer, Victoria knows how to keep her worker happy and this…

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Goddess Foot Worship – Mia Martinez – Private Tutor’s Secret 

  Teacher Mia Martinez offers a private tutoring session for a student who has fallen behind. She’s concerned about his lack of concentration and focus so she wants to guide him in the right direction. In their afterhours session the student is still unable to concentrate and Mia worries about his slow pace. The real truth is that the student can’t concentrate on his studies because he’s enthralled with Mia’s sweet brown feet.   The young man’s lust finally overtakes…

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Goddess Foot Worship – Brooke Haze – In the Middle of the Night 

  Brook Haze is fast asleep when she feels the strangest sensation of warm, wetness on her toes. She lifts her head and catches her father licking her feet. She protests, but the father tells her to just go back to sleep. Brooke is lying on her stomach and the dirty old man crouches down behind her, bending her knees to raise her yummy youthful toes to his face. Brooke isn’t happy about this, but she doesn’t say anything: she…

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Goddess Foot Worship – Claire Black – Stepdad Turns Jealous 

  Promiscuous young Claire Black leaves her cell phone unattended and her stepdad notices a string of images arriving. A closer look reveals evidence of Claire’s recent foot play tryst with a neighbor. Stepdad confronts her with the revelation, but he isn’t mad. This guy is more concerned with why his step daughter chose to experiment with the neighbor instead of coming to him. Claire giggles at his apparent jealousy and tells him to give her toes a test drive….

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Goddess Foot Worship – Amber Mae – Through Your Teachings 

  Amber Mae has a nice Christmas surprise for her teacher. This playful young girl ambushes the professor in his office, completely naked except for those cute size six-and-a-halves clad in fancy stockings. Amber has seen the way he stares at her cute little feet and she will soon have him wrapped around her pinky toe.   The professor is caught off guard and initially balks, but then the power of his foot fetish takes over and he cannot resist…

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Goddess Foot Worship – Alissa Avni – The Cure for a Bad Date 

  Alissa Avni escapes from a bad date and makes a beeline home to tell the tale of woe to her roommate. But an ear isn’t all she’s looking for and her male friend is more than happy to oblige her request for a relaxing foot massage. The massage soon turns into a full foot worship session and this obvious king of foot dudes does a great job devouring her toes and savoring her amazing soles.   Alissa has already…

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GoddessFootWorship – Tara Ashley – Cheater’s Fetish 

  Tara Ashley has a special arrangement with her footperv boss, despite being a married woman. The slender brunette wears the sexiest dresses and high heels for his enjoyment, then lets him touch, kiss, suck, and smell her beautiful feet after she runs his errands. While the deal began for her boss, Tara has come to love having her feet worshipped as much as he does. He finishes the workday by stroking his hard cock against her small, soft feet…

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