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Shoe & Boots

Men Are Slaves – New Shoe Money 

  Aside from his constant humiliation, the other thing Dava and Ela extract from this slave is his money. He may now live at the end of their leash but he is still expected to pay them regularly, to fund their lifestyle in any way their whims see fit. As you can imagine much of that results in money for new shoes, since the girls expect their feet to be wrapped in new footwear as often as possible at his…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Cum Countdown – That’s Your Only Protein For The Day Goddess Dava 

  Goddess Dava knows that protein is important for all slaves, even worthless ones like you. That’s because you still need that male muscle to work for her, to earn her more money. So she will grant you a protein allowance today of your own cum. Sure it tastes disgusting but be grateful that she is actually permitting you a climax today along with fulfilling your nutritional needs.

Female Domination

Men Are Slaves – Mademoiselle’s Gym Bitch, Part 1 Goddess Dava 

  While Dava and Ela fit in a quick workout and chat, their male bitch is busy doing one of his many tasks in the background which for the moment is washing their clothes. The girls love to keep him in a French maid outfit for maximum humiliation at all times, after all that sissy look is very befitting of a male in their household. But there is no such thing as enough humiliation so they make him lick their…

Spanking & Whipping

Men Are Slaves – Beg For It Bitch, Part 2 Goddess Dava 

  Dava and Nickey love humiliating this slave, especially on camera for all to see. As a male it’s what he deserves, to be subjugated and degraded by young pretty girls. What he also deserves though is pain, pain from the whip as the girls take one out and cut into his skin without pity. Even though the girls look so innocent, they are both quite comfortable owning and torturing men so no pity will be given for this pig…

Foot Worship

Men Are Slaves – Outing Mr. Prescott Goddess Ela, Goddess Dava 

  Oh my well isn’t this hysterical. Dava just found out who her and Ela’s teacher will be next semester and she lets Ela in on this new found information. It’s no one other than the new slave they just acquired the other day! Yes this will be the easiest semester ever for the girls as they degrade this piglet and take pictures of it for good measure. Now with fresh blackmail material in hand, Mr. Prescott will have no…

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