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Men Are Slaves – Oodles Of Spit Goddess Adrianna 

  What does Adrianna have for this slave? Spit. Oodles and oodles of spit. That’s his reward for being a proper male, for cooking, cleaning and doing other typical male duties so that she doesn’t have to. The reward for all his hard work is her spit. Enjoy slave.


Men Are Slaves – Sure, Cum Goddess Adrianna 

  Sure, this slave can cum. Why not, Adrianna is feeling kind today and this slave has been waiting all week for orgasm privilege. So why not, she will let him cum. She will ruin his orgasm mind you by pulling his hand away as he cums, but at least she does let him have an orgasm, even if it’s a ruined one.

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Goddess Foot Domination – Adrianna’s Foot Slave Foot Cleaner 

  Goddess Adrianna is punishing her foot slave for thinking he had a shot with a woman of her stature and has him chained up and nude while on his knees as part of his punishment. Not only is he bound and naked, but she also has him locked up securely in a steel cock cage chastity device. She humiliates him by degrading him and making him say how pathetic and worthless he is before taking off her sexy high…

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Goddess Foot Domination – Adrianna’s Boss Gets Played Goddess Adrianna 

Goddess Adrianna’s boss is a perverted dick. When she drops a file on the floor and he grabs her ass, she decides to use his attraction for her to her advantage. She sits on his desk and he immediately starts admiring her long, sexy legs and gorgeous high heel pumps. After taking off her shoes, he licks and sucks on her bare soles and toes before whipping his cock out. She loses her shirt to get more comfortable as she…

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Goddess Foot Domination – Pathetic Co-worker Goddess Adrianna 

Goddess Adrianna is your incredibly sexy co-worker and she is completely fed up with your work performance. She’s been working her ass off on the presentation you two have been working on, yet is on the brink of losing the deal with the client due to your poor work ethic and idiocy and she refuses to put up with it. To punish you for your shitty work and to humiliate you like the pathetic waste of space that you are,…

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