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SensualPain – Storytime Chronic She Bop | Abigail Dupree 

Little bro (POUND) has been pleading his huge sibling Abby to read him an x-rated story via telecommunications. He recognizes that she has actually been detected with EDFM – Erotomanic Delusional Women Self Pleasure. She is not embarrassed or ashamed in any way concerning her compulsion to continuously masturbate all day. As a matter of fact, she has made a great deal of boys happy, even recently making good cash from her need to hand and also finger that more…


SensualPain – Suck-n-Fuck Courtesan Abby | Abigail Dupree 

Courtesan Abby is used to the affluent or upper-class customers. Though this client was of reduced beginning, his mom being a courtesan herself as well as his dad a supplier in salt fish as well as smuggler, this randy customer tipped well from his gambling earnings when he came calling on this Courtesan with his fetishes of voyeurism, the practice of obtaining sexual pleasure from seeing others when they are naked or engaged in sex as in this instance messy…


SensualPain – A Fast Anal Fist and vibe | Abigail Dupree 

The most popular, deepest asshole in town. Abigail obtains you off in a couple trembles as well as wiggles on that particular fuck message with her pussy spread so vast – that pussy has wings. Pussy Vibrator Riding like crazy. She places her fingers in her butt as she is told. After that, wait … is she putting the whole end of that huge vibrator in her asshole? Wow. She draws penis like she does anal. With Abigail revealing doing…


SensualPain – Sex Slave Taboo Confessions | Abigail Dupree 

The Confession video clips Doing it better in forbidden as a Goonette. Women masturbating in a girlfriend experience with forbidden exotic replicas profaning and also personal while viewing unique porn via dark web. Here is where Abigail Dupree Shines, showing you she can do the unique sensual better that the genuine thing as she sees the genuine thing. Ever before wonder what it would be like to be a horny female sex addict doing forbidden perversion? The demand to masturbate…


Sensual Pain – Lovi Butt Toys V008 1 Anal 1 Pussy | Abigail Dupree 

Masturbate with me – Lovi Butt Toys is a succession of videos showing the anal sex servant in training, completely usage by the Lord ⁄ Mistress moreover to those the belongings are leased to, in or out of a D ⁄ S connection. Common Masturbation Urged. View rectal sex servant Abigail Dupree fuck her excellent butt, her butthole is always insatiable, hungry to be filled. A skilled women slut, money grubbing to be informed how you like it done. What…


SensualPain – Gooning Watching Illegal Porn | Abigail Dupree 

An hour of sex-related Self pleasure while seeing Illegal taboo pornography on the dark internet I Goon with two equine dick replicas while speaking about personal experiences in a couple of points that most would certainly or might not talk about. I even use my significant rectal Passage Plug, a have to see!


SensualPain – Girlfriend Experience NSA | Abigail Dupree 

A properly trained sex slave will be all that you desire in a Girlfriend Experience with No Strings Attached. Here is a video of Abigail while occupied with someone up close and personal. The girlfriend experience a service provided that can include more personal activity, such as Long talks and mutual Masturbation unlike what other types that the traditional sex workers provide. Abigail Dupree is a pro at what she does. Abbreviation: GFE, Girlfriend Experience can cost up to $1,000…


SensualPain – October 9, 2019 – Another Wank | Abigail Dupree 

Your here to have another wank. I am not surprised… Your addicted. Naughty masturbater That’s right, stroke that cock day in, day out, your obsession just grows doesn’t it? That’s right stroke it just right, jerk your cock like your going to cum on my spread pussy, dripping it into my open butt hole. Mmm, that’s the way, what a perverted wanker you are 😉 A German Goddess in a black Masters cap and spanking skirt whats you to wank…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

MissIvyOphelia – Ex Girlfriend Cum Eating Instructions 

You remember Me? Of course you do, how could you forget. You keep begging Me to come back to you. As your ex-girlfriend, I already know dumping you was the best thing I’ve done. You keep thinking maybe you can impress Me into coming back? I don’t think so. You were a terrible boyfriend and a pathetic wimp. I’m going to tease you, show you the body you miss so badly. You wish I would start dating you again but…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GOOD GIRL GONE BAD feat Astrodomina 

As your girlfriend, I’d love to let you live out your fantasies, just be careful what you wish for! You’re having a Skype session with your girlfriend Sydney. She’s thrown on some super hot lingerie and is just looking super sexy.. she tells you how she was thinking about the role play stuff you always wanted to do, you know, all those fantasies you’ve had of her being dominant and controlling? She’s been reading a lot about it, checking out…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

AstroDomina – How to Ballbust Your BF 

One of my favorite activities is ball busting, nothing feels better than watching a slaveboy squirm and suffer as my Goddess feet crush his balls! All slaves and ballbusting fans should purchase this instructional video for the woman in your life! Sydney walks you through an instructional video about how to properly kick your boyfriend/boytoy/slave in the nuts, while making sure they suffer as much as possible with little permanent damage – warning: no gurarantee of lasting emotional trauma!! Watch…

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