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RubberEmpire – Ruined orgasm during Facesitting – Mistress Zita 

Helpless wrapped in plastic my slave must endure now a very kinky game… as more horny he gets as harder is the punishment for his dick… and he goes real horny when i start to wank him and then the sadistic game with my slaves dick is driven to the Max. He is allowed to smell my rubber heinie while i sit on his face… everytime when he get no air his dick goes bigger and harder… and he is…

Handjob & Milking

Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Gassed and Ruined 

Miss Jasmine has a man on the bed and spits on his cock and strokes it lovingly. Wait a minute, this is no man, it’s a slave and soon she lifts her arm and places the pit over his face demanding that he clean her. She slaps his face and demands long eager licks. “I think we need more spit” she says, opening his mouth and spitting in it before he resumes his duty of licking her armpits. Jasmine again…

CBT & Ballbusting, Handjob & Milking

RubberEmpire – Attack on his Crown Jewels Part 2 

  The Slave have now a big Problem, Mistress told him he get her complete hand in the anus if he will come now under her Treatment. This means after his Orgasm when his horniness is gone. The Problem is the mask, very special, and make him more Lust and his dick harder like ever before, the next problem is the pain from his scrambled balls and at least the nasty game from the Mistress. He is fighting he is…

Handjob & Milking

PantyhoseTherapy – Servant for the Summer 

  What you’re about to watch is the product of a day-long trial run with a young man who I recently agreed to take on as a helper–a servant, rather — for the summer. This is the first time, truly, ever, I’ve accepted a live-in client in a 100% subservient capacity. I’ve turned down many, many men over the years; I don’t need a live-in “slave,” and if I did, if I realized one day it might be nice to…

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TeaseandThankYou – The Electrocutrix – Mistress Mandy 

  Always fascinated by electric play. Both ways. Today we take a very stuck boy who’s not really into electric play (or says he isn’t) and I shock all the brain cells out of him. I am not joking, no pulling punches. It is very high and he can’t stop me. His extended prison restraints are contingent on enduring this scene. I have a total sub, I use him. Enjoy the scene, and see you in MA soon! Hot week…

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PantyhoseTherapy – Friendly Force 

  What a fun one. One of my favorite guys — we’re friendly enough that I wouldn’t even call him a client anymore — lets me experiment some new reflexology therapy on him — while fully and thoroughly restrained. Affectionate, relentless, and strangely gentle. Especially considering the intensity of his, uh, gratitude…

Handjob & Milking

PantyhoseTherapy – My 100th Ruin 

  I really thought this whole “ruin my climax” craze had passed, you know, guys were asking for regular ol’ forced ejaculation-y stuff again, the normal extreme bondage and torturous tease… but all of a sudden, idk, maybe it’s springtime or something, because I ruined like 4 orgasms in 90 minutes the other day. Are you guys in competition to see who can make me laugh the hardest? Because I actually can’t decide which recent client is my favorite pathetic…

Handjob & Milking

Chateau-Cuir – Cumstained black leather gloves 

  I am ready for my stroll in the village, wearing my tight Jitrois leather dress and sexy thigh high boots. But my fur trimmed gloves need some spicing up…and I know just the way to do this. I am sure a pair of cumstained black gloves won’t go unnoticed for my fellow leather lovers.

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