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Medicaly Sado – The Swing 

You have to show the submissive a lesson, as well as with the help of the submissive I educate her to suck cock, to ingest whatever and also to consume everything. Her mission is to please the passive person, and also the mission of the passive to satisfy her. On the swing he discovers his top of pleasure.

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

MedicalySado – Lady Patricia, Anna – Vacuum Suit 

Two mistresses lock the submissive guy into the vacuum suit, he needs to receive a lesson. They take out the air and vacuum pack him, so he will know what is good. They have him tightly tied with straps, and as he cannot move, they begin to masturbate him, first by hand with prolonged massages, to later pass to the vibrator, until the submissive can not resist longer and ejaculates.

Handjob & Milking

Handjob For Stripper Boy Lance FULL 

Sarah DiAvola has a stripper boy, Lance Hart, tied up and ready to be tormented. She teases his cock by sensually stroking it and Lance moans. Lance is trying his best not to cum, but Sarah tells him, You cannot help it, you have to cum. He has no choice and cums all over himself. Sadie Holmes comes home to find the stripper boy her mom has been fucking. His name is Lance Hart and he has rock hard abs….

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Handjob & Milking

TeaseandThankYou – World’s Best Babysitter by Mandy 

Role playing is like poker, don’t play the cards, play the man. I am the perfect taboo babysitter and I’m here to make sure you stay put and lost and DON’T cum unless I say. Okay cum for me because I want you spent and out of my hair when my girlfriends come over. They’re on the way over now so cum. Thanks bye. Special note and diva update inside, to all my August session boys and any parties interested…

Handjob & Milking

TeaseandThankYou – A Broken Countdown – Mistress Mandy 

A young Mandy fan becomes a Mandy slave. I have several ways to make you my bitch. This young fetish newbie asks for ‘release’ multiple times. What can I say, I’m unpredictable. He gets my most vicious tease and pump, building up to a cum countdown cumshot while he squirms and begs. Because I can. Starting from ten. Guess which number he makes it to. Feverish.

Handjob & Milking

TeaseandThankYou – Tender Overnight Sadism – Mistress Mandy 

Don’t be fooled by the pretty colors and smiles. I am, at heart, a sadist. And I will edge you in the middle of the night, and take you so close to cumming and then, when your eyes are filled with mine, I will leave you the fuck in the dark for hours with helpless thoughts of me so large in your head there is no one else you could think of. Scream if you want. I’m a little lost,…

Handjob & Milking

TeaseandThankYou – Her Or Me 

A slave with a girlfriend (and a straitjacket fetish) has a choice and I’m in the mood to make it horrible. A) Choose her. A nice date, a relationship. Cooking and Netflix. Or B) Choose a goddess you’ll never have and always obey. Denial. Submission. You will suffer endlessly for my gain. Your dick’s in my hand, your fate’s in yours. Can’t have both. Decide now. An insight on how this scene turned out, inside.

Handjob & Milking

RubberEmpire – Ruined orgasm during Facesitting – Mistress Zita 

Helpless wrapped in plastic my slave must endure now a very kinky game… as more horny he gets as harder is the punishment for his dick… and he goes real horny when i start to wank him and then the sadistic game with my slaves dick is driven to the Max. He is allowed to smell my rubber heinie while i sit on his face… everytime when he get no air his dick goes bigger and harder… and he is…

Handjob & Milking

Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Gassed and Ruined 

Miss Jasmine has a man on the bed and spits on his cock and strokes it lovingly. Wait a minute, this is no man, it’s a slave and soon she lifts her arm and places the pit over his face demanding that he clean her. She slaps his face and demands long eager licks. “I think we need more spit” she says, opening his mouth and spitting in it before he resumes his duty of licking her armpits. Jasmine again…

CBT & Ballbusting, Handjob & Milking

RubberEmpire – Attack on his Crown Jewels Part 2 

  The Slave have now a big Problem, Mistress told him he get her complete hand in the anus if he will come now under her Treatment. This means after his Orgasm when his horniness is gone. The Problem is the mask, very special, and make him more Lust and his dick harder like ever before, the next problem is the pain from his scrambled balls and at least the nasty game from the Mistress. He is fighting he is…

Handjob & Milking

PantyhoseTherapy – Servant for the Summer 

  What you’re about to watch is the product of a day-long trial run with a young man who I recently agreed to take on as a helper–a servant, rather — for the summer. This is the first time, truly, ever, I’ve accepted a live-in client in a 100% subservient capacity. I’ve turned down many, many men over the years; I don’t need a live-in “slave,” and if I did, if I realized one day it might be nice to…

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