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You serve one purpose in life and that is to produce cum for me in my harvesting facility. I’m here to check up on your and to make sure you meet your daily quota. You’ve been waiting patiently in your cage. Sydney shows up at her usual time and asks if you’re ready for your milking. Oh how you wish you could just respond for once. Not that it would matter. The sequence of events would be the same anyway….

Female Domination

MILKED MAN feat AstroDomina 

It’s time my milk man learns about karma. After all the cows he has milked in his life, it’s now time for him to be milked. Bound, gagged and with a hood on. The milk man is strapped to a cage and at the mercy of Sydney. She’s about to punish him and give him a dose of his own medicine. He’s about to get milked like a cow. Sydney brought her very own milking machine for this event. Once…

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JizzyJobs – Milking The Stud 

Goddess Sydney is all dressed up in latex for the big day. Today is indeed a big day as she has brought in her main sub to milk his cum. Why would she do that? To fertilize some of her female subs of course. Clearly they can’t all be having sex together, so a little manual labor is in order for the Goddess. She doesn’t mind jerking him off herself. She even brought two separate pairs of gloves for the…

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