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BrutalMaster – Filth | 6 April 2021 Pole Torture Pig 

This could be a pole dancer post, if the pole dancer was a masochistic piece of meat that thrived on people enjoying her experience humiliation as well as abuse. However this is Dirt, as well as she is simply a cunt who needs to be punished just for being a cunt. In this instance, her significant, hanging painbags are simply ordinary worked over. She is shrieking as well as sobbing within seconds but that makes literally no distinction in HECK!…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

QueenSnake – Thrashwhores 2016 July 9 

Queensnake puts a decaying bag of whip on Tanita, fills her vaginal area with dirt, then pressures Tanita to increase fist her, pack her pussy with whip, then pushes it right into Tanita’s mouth, finally makes a dirt pond for a pleased lesbian whip soaking.


BrutalMaster – Filth | 20 April 2020 

Certainly the entire world is not the same place now. However, a pig is a pig but has its own cravings. Bearing that in mind, Filth has its own unique spin on”social distancing” which involves punishes herself, for example cleaning the restroom with her tongue, then cleaning the bathroom floor exactly the exact style, beating and binding its udders andalso, you are able to find out exactly what that particular bucket is right for. This really is a part of…


SensualPain – Permission To Cum Directive | Abigail Dupree | Master James 

Female Masturbation and orgasm discipline A documentation of sex slave 465 be trained in orgasm permission and denial. This directive in discipline is recorded outside while the birds are singing and the slave is confined in a small cage. The female slave is given a vibrator and told to bring herself to orgasm while confined, shackled and locked. Pain and discomfort while masturbating helps the slave to give and receive pleasure in any given situation, which is the goal of…


Brutal Master – Filth | 2 January 2020 

It is 2020, a new year, a new decade and the beginning of our third decade providing you with the most intense S&M anywhere! What better way to kick all that off by watching a truly low piece of meat descend even further into the abyss of her own degradation? We are speaking of Filth, of course, lower than any animal we have ever seen. We always like to begin the year with something very special, and Filth is very,…


BrutalMaster – Filth | 27 September 2019 

Once upon a time there was a piece of shit named Filth. Filth told people she would never let her tits be skewered. Nope, No way. Not going to happen. But Filth knew she was a worthless whore whose purpose in life is licking assholes, edging, cleaning toilets with her tongue and suffering so others could laugh at her agony. So Filth began asking to have her tits skewered, then she pleaded to have her tits skewered. Finally, she begged…

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