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Female Domination

Goddess Foot Domination – Cadences Sisters Husband Incriminated 

  While Goddess Cadence is napping on the couch, her sister’s perverted husband can’t help himself when he sees her long, sexy legs and perfectly manicured feet dangling delicately over the couches edge. As she slumbers, he sniffs, kisses, and licks her bare feet while jerking his cock. When she awakes to find him masturbating while he caresses her feet, she is less than pleased. She threatens to tell her sister if he doesn’t finish what he started and fuck…

Female Domination

Goddess Foot Domination – GBL – June 18, 2014 Part 5 Goddess Brianna 

  The final segment of Goddess Brianna’s Live Foot domination session begins with the gorgeous goddess running her feet up and down Slave Taylor’s lubed cock, giving her loyal foot bitch a footjob. She doesn’t grant foot jobs to all of her slaves, though, so you’ll have to earn it. If you want privileges like Slave Taylor then you will have to be trained to serve her properly. Since you have been a good boy, so far, the goddess is…

Female Domination

Goddess Foot Domination – GBL – June 18, 2014 Part 4 Goddess Brianna 

The fourth installment of Goddess Brianna’s Live Foot Domination session begins with the beautiful goddess dangling the key to the chastity device teasingly over her slave’s head as she flexes and wiggles her toes. After teasing him a bit, she releases her slave from the chastity device. Watch as she runs her feet along his shaft, tickling his cock with her toes to get him nice and hard. See her hug his cock between her feet, moving them slowly up…

Female Domination

Club Stiletto – Lucky Cock Gets a Foot Job Mistress Sasha Mizaree 

New for July 6 (8 minute Video) – If you like foot jobs, you’ll love this scene as the gorgeous Mistress Sasha presents a most erotic foot job. Using oils and her amazing soles, she pumps every ounce of cum out of her owned slave’s cock. But not before prolonging his teasing and edging. You’ll be grabbing your own cock and joining the fun while watching this exquisite foot job. Mistress: Mistress Sasha Mizaree

Female Domination

Goddess Foot Domination – Mila’s Cuckold Husband POV 

Goddess Mila is your incredibly sexy wife and you are nothing more than her pathetic cuckold husband. She has been disgusted with your tiny, worthless little cock for years and today she is going to show you what a real cock looks like. Watch as she strokes the long, thick cock of another man with her sexy feet. See her rub her perfectly French manicured toes up and down his shaft, wishing it was your cock she was showering with…

Female Domination, Fetish

Goddess Foot Domination – Sister’s Husband Fucks Feet Goddess Alexia 

Goddess Alexia is napping on a comfy oversized chair when her sister’s husband sneaks in and starts sucking on her toes and licking her bare feet while jerking his cock. When she’s rudely awaken by his perverted ways, she is completely appalled by his actions and threatens to tell her sister how pathetic and disgusting he is. When he tries to scamper away, she makes him completely drop his pants and fuck her feet as she records it on her…

Female Domination

Pantyhose Loving Husband 

Goddess Alexia’s husband has just returned from a trip and as she’s unpacking his luggage bag she is surprised to find a pair of her pantyhose mixed in with his things. When she questions him about her sexy black pantyhose in his bag, he claims he only took them because he knew he’d miss her while he was away, but she thinks he took them for an entirely different reason altogether. To punish him for stealing her pantyhose and using…

Female Domination

Stepdaughter Negotiates Chores 

Duration: 00:11:45 File size: 446 Mb Format: wmv Goddess Carmen is confused when her stepdad comes into her bedroom and starts going through her dirty laundry while her mom is out of town. As if that’s not weird enough, he also starts sniffing her dirty socks! He then rubs her leg and asks if he can smell her feet. Seeing an opportunity, she allows him to smell her feet. He then takes it a step further by kissing, licking, and…

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