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BrutalMaster – Elle | 18 January 2018 

Elle is not a princess, or even a scullery house cleaning rescued by a prince; she is just an item of shit slut that will certainly do basically anything. She does understand she is worthy of to be in HELL! for penalty. This is an incredibly extreme session where the bitch is psychologically destroyed while being hurt. She offers lurid details concerning her shameful, depraved sex-life. When the solution is not up to snuff, she suffers discomfort, actual discomfort. Simply…


BrutalMaster – Lilah Rose 

Lilah Rose is back in HECK! for a Weekend break of Pain, a non-stop series of pains, tortures, penalties, deteriorations, and embarrassments. In this initial installation the cunthole remains in the stocks as well as her breasts are milked– a harsh initial for her. Her pain-bags in fact began dripping nector from her whore-nipples. She began with Italian Agony Secures on her nipple areas, however the suction of the bleeding machine quickly pulled them off, as the bitch started to…


BrutalMaster – Elle | 15 March 2017 

Elle is in her cage in “The Studio,” high above the dungeon. But true agony awaits this cunt. Chains, crawling, leashes later, the bitch is in the very depths of HELL! Her flesh suffers brutally, but the real torment comes to a different part of this piece of shit whore. The young, slender, tramp admits she has never been truly bullwhipped. THAT mistake ends here and now with her screams as agonizing proof, the whore-paint running down her cheeks is…


BrutalMaster – Elle | 10 June 2019 

Elle has been to HELL! before of course. You know her as a piece-of-shit cunthole who craves abuse almost as much as she craves attention. To a pig like Elle, ANY attention is good attention even if it is incredibly painful, demeaning, degrading, are humiliating. Of course, we manage to hit all those themes and much more in this dungeon episode. The cunt starts out in a dog house, where she is yanked out by her hair and pulled across…

Lezdom & Lesbian

Subby Girls – I Love Your Face 

  Elle adores Anastasia. And what she adores even more is seeing her tower above her as she licks between her legs. But she also takes time to pleasure herself as well as she looks up at her lovely female.

Lezdom & Lesbian

Subby Girls – Good Job Kitty 

At first it seemed like Leya was doing a good job. Like a good kitten she greeted Elle when she arrived, meowed and then kissed her feet respectfully. She even had most of the chores done that Elle had requested. Alas most isn’t enough and Elle’s happiness goes away as she leads kitty to the kitchen only to see a sink full of incomplete dishes. Looks like she’s not such a good slave kitty after all.

Lezdom & Lesbian

Subby Girls – Playing With Kitty 

Man, when Elle wants to kiss, she really wants to kiss! With a pounce on the bed she wakes up Leya and comes in for the kill, kissing her female plaything as and when she wants. She even gets some boob sucking fit in for good measure. Looks to be a good morning for oral pleasure with both girls enjoying each other first thing this fine morning.

Female Domination

Cum Countdown – Taking Your Money 

Elle makes no apologies about taking your money. That’s what you are for, to be used and financially drained on a regular basis with occasional orgasm as your only reward. That’s why she lets you stroke all you want so long as you pay, and so long as you don’t cum without permission. Because even though she is ignoring you, she is still in full control of if and when you get to cum.

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