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MetalBondage – Ballet Sub Ella – wall ornament 

We found this new extraordinary life style passive called Ballet Sub Ella! She is every bondage rigger’s desire! Ella has been trained for years to walk on her toes and she constantly does so. She is extremely flexible and also can be connected and also limited in any type of placement! Visualize a professional ballet dancer gone full-time nude bondage servant, that’s Ella! Naturally, we put her in a hefty steel collar and cuffs, and afterwards we simply chained her…


Ella Kros – Suck The Black Strap-on 

  Dressed head to foot in black leather, Mistress Ella Kros has her hooded and collared slave knelt in front of her. She undertakes to give the slave a good throatfucking with her black strap on, occasionally spitting in his mouth to add to his humiliation. Parts: 1 Total Duration: 6 minutes 15 seconds Photos: 15 Tags: anal, bdsm, domina, ella, femdom, fetish, kinky, kros, mistress, strapon


Kinky Mistresses – Ella Kros – Hard Milking 

  Mistress Ella Kros has her slaved bound to an A-frame. She applies strong clamps to his nipples to torment him. She then proceeds to stroke and tease his big cock whilst pulling on his nipple chain. The slave is in a heady mix of ecstasy and agony as she milks his cock to completion. She then feeds him his cum in the ultimate act of humiliation.   Featuring Ella Kros   Parts: 2 Total Duration: 12 minutes 18 seconds…


Kinky Mistresses – Ella Kros – Fucked On The Bench 

  Featuring Ella Kros   Ella Kros is visiting the amazing dungeon avalon in berlin. Her fisrt slave is a real anal virgin and so Ella like to try her brand new strap-on.   Parts: 2 Total Duration: 9 minutes 57 seconds Photos: 14 Tags: anal, avalon, bdsm, berlin, cock, dildo, ella, femdom, fetsh, kross, strap-on, strapon, submissive, toys, umschnalldildo

Female Domination, Foot Worship

Adore Her Feet – Sleeping Beauty 

This slave is licking Ella’s feet a tad noisy. All that slobbering noise he is making as he runs his tongue up and down the soles of her feet, he needs to dial that down a notch. Ella is snoozing after all, he doesn’t want to wake her up he just needs to worship her feet while she dozes away.

Female Domination

Adore Her Feet – Clean The Feet 

It’s unclear if Ella likes to have her slave on the shower floor licking her feet because it actually does result in cleaner feet, or if she does it because she loves to watch him struggle to lick while she is flooding his face with water from the shower head. Whatever the case may be it does look like Elle is enjoying herself while he desperately does his best to lick away that hard to remove dirt and grime from…

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