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BondageLiberation – Elise Graves – May 17, 2022 

Self-Bondage – Elise Graves locks herself into unique metal bondage Elise demonstrates how she enjoys playing when she is isolated at home. She begins already locked into a bespoke metal back brace, consisting of a very tight waist belt and a rigid metal collar. This brace makes it challenging for Elise to bend at the waist, which she needs to do in order to lock herself into a pair of unique metal shoes. Next, Elise begins fingering her asshole in…


MetalBondage – Elise Graves vs clamps and Ballet Stocks 

Elise Graves is back for another challenge!! She hates clover clamps, so that is a great starting point for today! We have The perfect device to prevent her from removing these harsh clamps. The Ballet Stocks are a variation on our heavy stocks that lock the wrists high above a girl’s head. It is seriously heavy, but Elise still manages to struggle, get upside down, lie down, and she even gets back up again. But there is simply no way…


Elise’s Enema Part 2 (2011) 

Elise returns to the doctor for more treatment. Seems she enjoyed the first treatment so much she just has to have another enema from Doctor Evil. First, she’s strapped in and put under electric stimulation to get the juices pumping! Next, she gets her clit assaulted with a vibrator until she screams her orgasmic release! Then, the good doctor gets down to business and gets her off by playing with her ass as only he can!


RealTimeBondage – Double Blind Study Part 3 – Elise Graves Dixon Mason 

Our subjects wanted to test their endurance. We place them in the tiniest of cages. Unable to move an inch. Legs cramped up. How long will they last? What will break first, their mind or their body? Next, a study of pain and remorse. The members want Dixon to feel sorry for abandoning Elise at the beginning of the study. What measures can Jack Hammer and Cyd Black take to get someone to feel and express true remorse? Lastly, service….


RealTimeBondage – Double Blind Study Part 2 – Elise Graves Dixon Mason 

Our study continues with our two subjects. One experiment in neuropathy involves the use of electric stimulant near, around or even on the body to stimulate the nerves. However what’s even more interesting is the fear reaction this activity promotes. It seems to excite our subjects who are stuffed into a tiny cage together. So much that they stimulate themselves with a high powered vibrator while sensually rubbing against each other. Now this is an experiment in longevity and discomfort…

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Bamboo Torment Tie – Kino Payne and Elise Graves – Elise delights in making Kino suffer 

Elise is feeling feisty today, but also loving. She intuits that her friend, Kino, is in the mood for suffering, and so she devises a plan to make that a reality. Tied on his knees with a piece of bamboo tucked behind his knees, Kino is starting to understand what is in store for him. Once his balls are tied back to the small bamboo secured between his ankles, he is acutely aware that this is going to hurt! Elise…


RealTimeBondage – Elise’s Challenge – Elise Graves 

Elise Graves is the star of our show but for just a little bit she is going to need to share the limelight. It is nothing personal, just that she is stuck in a very tiny cage with Hazel, Dixon and Maggie. They are packed in like sardines while the members ask them a few questions. They try to change clothes but it just ends with a lot of naked flesh pressed together. The show really starts when we take…


InfernalRestraints – Fear of Need Part One Elise Graves 

When Elise Graves talks about how much she, like, loves being, like, a part of anything that can, like, feed her cravings for, like, submission. She is not, like, kidding. She may not know how to say it, but the way her pussy gets wet for pain proves it well enough. PD takes one look at her and goes straight to work. There is no need to warm her up or get her ready. From the first stroke to the…


RealTimeBondage – Whiny Bitch 2 – Elise Graves 

Lunch time for a live show is always entertaining. Our bitch this time is Elise Graves and for some reason she didn’t remember that dogs eat from a bowl on the floor. She seemed particularly distraught at the idea, but even through her tears and objections we made sure that she ate her meal. We make her choke it down because she needs to have some strength for later. On an empty stomach we have found her service and stamina…


RealTimeBondage – Whiny Bitch 3 – Elise Graves 

Elise Graves is going to show us her moves. PD has hooked some voltage up to her body and to avoid the electricity she is going to need to dance for us. The only problem is that every shock makes her gyrate in a new and interesting way. Of course we are going to turn the power on, no matter how well she shimmies, if it means getting a few new moves out of her. One of our members suggested…


RealTimeBondage – Whiny Bitch – Elise Graves 

Most girls spend a few hours with us and they are done. Elise Graves has come back for another live feed because those hours really are too few. She enjoys the hard bondage. Whether it’s rope, metal or the straight jacket, the feeling of being restricted excites her. It is especially potent when her airways feel the tension as much as her limbs. Put a hood over her head or a constricting collar around her neck and watch her pussy…


Bend Over Backwards – Elise Graves and Utmost Restraint 

Who has been doing their yoga? Not me! Thankfully Utmost Restraint is fully capable of encouraging me to explore the depth of my back bend with just a bit of rope, a cane and a generally good time. After suspending my ankles and shoulders up in the air, he makes quick work of my nipples with some mouse trap nipple clamps. I am having some difficulty settling into this bend, but ultimately I find my happy place. When Utmost brings…


InfernalRestraints – Queen of Pain – Elise Graves 

What makes Elise Graves our Queen of Discomfort? It sure as heck isn’t due to the fact that she enjoys dishing it out. We have Cyd Black and also PD accessible for that. Her job is to simply enthusiastically approve every little thing they have to use. They lose no time in coming down to company. Today they obtain the heaviest walking sticks they can discover and also undertake making Elise shriek. 2-handed impacts rain down on her butt, legs…


Hardtied – Flexi-bitch – Sarah Jane Ceylon Elise Graves 

Sarah Jane Ceylon is one versatile little tart. Actually, Elise Graves has actually required to calling her Flexi-bitch. It is since not just can she flex right into one of the most incredible settings, however on top of that, being annoyingly bound makes her unbelievably turned on. She loves to cum when she is tied up and also contorted. Elise provides her that and much more. She offers her the opportunity to submit to the type of intense physical and…

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