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Hucows – Dina Ket – tiny HuCow pet 

Remember slender teen Dina Ket? She ended up in the barn at some point, and while she doesn’t have huge udders, she does have very long nipples for her age. Which is always a very good reason to keep a HuCow around. Nipples with a lot of potential are quite rare, so the farmer is interested to see if they will stretch and grow even more. Dina is very playful, she loves pet play and being kept in a cage….

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Hucows – Liz & Venom – strap on 

Liz has become a true HuCow matriarch! She still needs training to keep her unique puffy udders and big nipples in shape, but she is also ready to help the farmer train newer HuCows. Like Venom, who is still struggling with the pumping sessions to enlarge her udders. Today, the farmer has a unique solution to take Venom’s mind off the breast training machine. He fitted Liz with a strap on! A smart choice, as it will allow Liz to…


Hucows – Cherry – Powerful Udder Expansion 

Cherry had her udders pierced! It doesn’t stop us from keeping her as a HuCow, we have milked pierced nipples before. But what we really want to do is to test how much power Cherry can take on the udder expansion machine today! It is not going to be easy, so we have to restrain and gag her. Cherry needs a lot of discipline and training. She doesn’t have the HuCows mindset yet, and she certainly doesn’t enjoy her sessions….


Hucows – Liz milks Blondie 

Well this is a brilliant originality! Why not utilize one HuCow as a farmhand to milk the one more one! New woman Blondie hasn’t been bled yet, but her significant udders were nursed by Liz currently. It’s time to obtain Blondie on an equipment! But first, we secured Liz in a steel milking bra with a dual breast pump running continuously. Why would not the farmhand obtain milked also? It is great. Liz strives to obtain her friend utilized to…


HuCow Cory – intake session 

A brand-new machine! It will certainly make our consumptions a whole lot simpler. This machine can do so many points! And also it is a full bust training tool, not just for the nipples! Its strong vacuum as well as infrared therapy can boost cells growth as well as blood circulation, and also it has incentive (resonance) and penalize (electro shock) operates to control our HuCows. This first examination includes a new candidate for our ranch: the huge boobed Cory…


Hucows – Diamondly’s nipple enlargement training 

Young HuCow Diamondly was really scared at her first consumption, due to the fact that we threw away no time at all in pumping her udders to triple their dimension. Now it’s her charming nipple areas that will undergo enlargement training, and Diamondly is panicking. she is not prepared for this. We needed to trick her with a large trick, yet she still would not quit battling and also moaning. The only service we can consider is to put her…


Hucows – Valentina Bianco – plugged and milked 

Remember our HuCow Valentina Bianco? She was among the first HuCows that obtained noted with the HuCow jewel butt plug color coding system (HJBPCCS), a concept that we had a long time ago to plug all cows with gem butt plugs. The shade would certainly indicate the kind and experience of the HuCow. Pink was for brand-new reluctant HuCows, and also red for unruly/feisty ones (constantly make use of bondage with red plugged HuCows!). The system really did not obtain…

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HuCows – Cindy Dollar – Triple Pumped 

Cindy Buck is just one of our most convenient HuCows. She still requires chains, but we can essentially do anything to her. She is usually utilized to test new makers as well as placements. Like today, when we wished to find out if the vacuum cleaner power for triple pumping can be even greater than we ever attempted. It would certainly be very hard to survive a session like this, however if anyone can do it, it’s Cindy! It’s terrific…


Hucows – Katie – Nipple Enlargement Training 

Katie’s breasts are substantial and also complete, she is our most established HuCow! However her nipples are very little contrasted to her enormous breasts. She will certainly require a lot of particular training to her teats to elongate. The most effective way to do that is the digital breast training machine with some glass mugs to stretch her nipples to 3 or 4 times their original size. The form of the cups make sure the impact lasts very long, as…

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