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Oral & Asslicking

FemdomEmpire – Pussy Screams – Alina Lopez 

The wonderful audios of stifled screams under Mistress Alina’s pussy immediately makes her damp. Just the idea of her boy-toy suffering while he licks her to climax is enough to make her day. She recognizes exactly what is required to make her boy howl for her enjoyment as she presses the large, red button that shocks his secured dick. Mistress Alina wants to ensure he will certainly remain in complete agony as she cums around his face and having a…

Electric Play, Female Domination, Male Insertions

FemdomEmpire – Involuntary Anal Stretch – Kendra James 

Mistress Kendra James plans to whore her slave’s ass out but his asshole is just currently too tight for her liking. How are those Alpha Males ever going to fit there cock inside his hole unless its extra loose and stretched out? Using a big, fat electrified cock she will send shock waves up his tight hole making his muscles involuntarily give up for good. After she is done stretching and shocking her slave’s ass muscles any size cock she…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination, Lezdom & Lesbian

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Devastating Double CBT 

This slave is up for a painful session. Miss Madison Volt and I are a couple of cruel Dommes with a love for CBT. We’re going to start this slave off with some ball pulling and cock slapping. His eyes are blindfolded, and his mouth is gagged with his own underwear. His hands are bound, and every ounce of control has been ripped from him. Miss Volt and I very soon become bored with just physical punishment and soon switch…

CBT & Ballbusting, Electric Play, Female Domination

FemdomEmpire – Daphne Dare – Sperm Destroyer 

Nurse Daphne has a patient strapped down tight ready to undergo her anti-breeding program. Men that are admitted to her un-orthodox clinic have been deemed unworthy to bring anyone into this world. Their Wives, Girlfriends or Mistress’s drop them off to Nurse Daphne to have every single one of their sperms completely destroyed. Using her full-proof technique of having the man’s cock, balls and ass-hole filled electricity is exactly how she burns away the last of his manhood. Once they…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

FemdomEmpire – Anny Aurora – Fried Blue Balls 

German Goddess Annie is a big believer that chastity is an effective method in transforming a man into a slave. Sometimes a man still needs that little extra push to learn the ways of his Mistress and electrical shock therapy is proven to be just what her new slave needs. She straps him into the cock bondage device and secures a high powered shock collar around his balls to show she means business. With just the tap of her finger…

Oral & Asslicking

FemdomEmpire – Valentina Nappi – Italià Ass Wipe 

Italian women’s assholes just taste better don’t they? This slave is an un-trained boy who needs to learn a valuable lesson in servitude. I am wearing a mouth watering butt cleavage skirt, I cannot wait to rub my asshole against his tongue and show him who is true master is. I have have him tongue fuck my hole and when he doesn’t get deep enough I use the shock collar to punish him. I sit on his face and make…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Oral & Asslicking

FemdomEmpire – Electric Pussy – Mazzy Grace 

Mistress Mazzy is a demanding sex-crazed woman who needs several orgasms a day to be fully satisfied in life. When her slave’s oral skills aren’t up to her high standards she takes his slave training to the next level. A high voltage shock collar is firmly locked around his neck so he understands his Mistress means business. Now anytime Mistress Mazzy needs to correct his pussy and ass licking skills she presses just one single button to make him go…

Foot Worship

FemdomEmpire – Obey My Feet – Ivy LeBelle 

When Mistress Ivy Lebelle orders her slave to prove his devotion she means it! A locking shock collar is attached to her slave’s neck allowing Ivy to send an electric jolt anytime he isn’t using his mouth to his best ability. Unfortunately for her slave, Mistress Ivy has a little too much fun pressing the button making him squirm and jump in pain while he worships every inch of her divine feet.

Foot Worship

FemdomEmpire – Last Chance Worship – Isabelle Deltore 

Kade is under strict house arrest but can’t seem to obey the rules of his probation. Correctional Officer Isabelle Deltore makes an unexpected visit to send him back to the big house. He begs and pleads to Isabelle for one more chance willing to do anything and everything to not be sent back. Using her high voltage shock collar she puts the bitch in his place making him become her personal doormat. He will worship, lick and adore her beautiful…

CBT & Ballbusting

Femdom Empire – Lexi Sindel, Saharra Huxley – Interrogation | Release Date: Jun 14, 2017 

  Ms Lexi doesn’t take to kindly to men not repaying their debts… in a town like Vegas gambling weasels always try to take advantage of the house. Ms. Lexi has her trusted henchwoman SAHARRA the Amazon enforcer to “persuade” men into finding new ways to repay their debt. Ms. Lexi and SAHARRA star the interrogation process with some ball crushing, cattle prodding and sheer torment.

Handjob & Milking

Femdom Empire – Marley Brinx – Ruined Anal Orgasm | Release Date: Jun 13, 2017 

  Mistress Marley Brinx puts her favorite anal whore’s cock through an extreme stamina test. She fills his hole wide up with a big, fat shocking ass plug making him scream with intense pain and pleasure. It is the perfect tool to make any slut immediately drop to their knees and beg their Owner to cum. With every increasing turn of the knob, Mistress Marley shows why it’s the ultimate self-fucking, slave shocking and prostate milking butt plug in her…

Handjob & Milking

Femdom Empire – Marley Brinx – Chastity Cum Training 

  Mistress Marley has her slave locked in a new electro shock chastity cage. She is training him for a life of 24-7 permanent chastity. He must learn how to cum while in the cage if he ever wants an orgasm again. Ultimately he will be trained to orgasm with only via the remote control stim box. For his first session she raises the electricity higher and high building his tolerance and encouraging him to be sexually excited about his…

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