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BeltBound – The incredible Ariel Anderssen in a reverse prayer! 

Ariel Anderssen loves extreme poses, and she can do a reverse prayer! Usually she does this in rope, but we don’t see any reason why we can’t do this to her in leather straps! Even Ariel thought this was a little strict, but we just gagged her and kept enjoying the view! A super tall blonde bondage model in a leather reverse prayer and ballgag! The problem is: it is too good to let her go. So what to do?…


BondageJunkies – Amelia vs. Movie Magic 

Everybody’s seen at least one scene in a movie where someone is kidnapped and bound with duct tape. As bondage aficionados, we also know that when it’s used liberally, there is no escape. Nevertheless, Amelia’s job is to escape the various duct tape binds and see how effective movie bondage really is. Just to ensure that she gives it 100%, the key to her chastity belt is held as her reward, but only if she escapes. For her sake, Amelia…


BondageJunkies – Briella vs. Her Sticky Situation 

You don’t need a good reason to put a pretty, flexible girl like Briella into tight bondage. So I didn’t give her one as I coiled duct tape around her arms and elbows. Her legs followed and finished with a cloth stuffing her mouth and sealed with layers of tape. Even her hands are taped into useless balls, thus dashing any hope of escape. Briella puts up one hell of a struggle, but is not match for the layers of…


BondageJunkies – Joy vs. Her Latex Hug 

If there was ever a piece of knowledge that everyone should carry with them in this day and age is never trust the internet. Not heeding this advice Joy had watched videos on how to escape a straitjacket in under 5 minutes. Knowing full well that she wouldn’t be getting free I was happy to oblige her request to try escaping. The funny thing is latex works a bit different than canvas, a fact she didn’t consider as I secured…


BondageJunkies – Lucy vs. The Half Roll 

As strip after strip of duct tape was secured to Lucy she remained to question it would hold her. At some point, an emergency was hit as well as she recognized she was stuck. Some additional wraps on her legs and also Lucy was not going anywhere. After it was apparent she wasn’t securing free I felt it was time to turns things up a little bit. Exchanging her mask out for something a bit much more rugged she prepared…

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