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BondageJunkies – Makenzie vs. The Leg Burn 

There are many ways to make a girl weak in the knees. For Makenzie it meant a pair of leg cuffs and a crotch rope connected to them keeping her knees bent. Unable to stand straight it’s only a matter of time before something begins to tire. A girl in this situation has few options. Stand tall and dig her crotch rope in deep. Go slack and hang uncomfortably by her wrists. Makenzie seemed to prefer the third option. Stand…


BondageJunkies – Amy vs. The Slow Timer 

You have to admire her confidence. After putting on the ballet boots for the first time Amy strutted around my living room with ease. When I asked if she could stand for ten minutes she rolled her eyes as if the task was a simple as breathing. With her hands in leather mittens I connect them to a ceiling anchor and leave her to stir. Within minutes I can hear the moans of discomfort through her gag starting to set…


BondageJunkies – Amanda vs. The Ballet Lesson 

So how do you get a pretty girl like Amanda to gag and handcuff herself? It’s all in the bait. Latex and ballet boots of course. It’s not until she’s secured herself tightly that Amanda starts to wonder what she’s gotten herself into. She can only paw helplessly at the key chained around her neck while drooling almost uncontrollably. When I eventually release the handcuffs from her elbows the real fun begins when Amanda’s arms are re-cuffed above her. Immediately…


BondageJunkies – Sarah vs. The Forced Experiment #10 

For most girls, this experiment is about pride. Denying oneself a mindblowing orgasm isn’t something you do without serious motivation. Fueled by the knowledge that almost everyone succumbs, Sarah was determined to break the mold. Setting her mind to the task, she spends several grueling minutes on the cusp of orgasm while denying herself the prize. Each minute wears down her resolve. Some other girl can claim the title. That time came when her body betrayed her desperate need to…


BondageJunkies – Paisleigh vs. A Switch Too Far 

Her bondage doesn’t start out too difficult. Just a frogtie with her elbows and wrists secured. When the neck rope is added, though, Paisleigh has to pull herself high on her knees to keep the pressure off. She tries to struggle, but knows it won’t help. There isn’t much that can phase Paisleigh. Tight bondage, gags, predicaments; she can take them all on. Vibrators, however, leave her weak in the knees. She’s in a situation that leaves her with a…


BondageJunkies – Laci Star vs. The Magic Bind 

Pouting and moaning won’t loosen Laci’s ropes any but that doesn’t stop her from trying. With her legs frogtied and elbows cinched close her fingers are left to paw at knots impossibly out of reach. Despite her waist crushing corset she puts up a good struggle. Once most of the fight is worn away the real fun begins when a magic wand is securely bound to her clit. Even on low Laci is panting and bucking within seconds. A few…


BondageJunkies – Sky vs. Her Sweet Struggle 

On any other day, enjoying the huge 2″ jawbreaker would have been a pleasure. Today, the solid sugarball is her release timer. Sky knew all too well how strong the vinyl tape was which circled her elbows, wrists, and legs, but she struggled anyway. Despite knowing how futile the effort was, it still seemed easier than finishing the jawbreaker. With surgery drool running down her chin and chest, she pled for release but none came. The only thing going for…


BondageJunkies – Vivian vs. The Drool Jacket 

The heavy leather straps of the straitjacket were doing their job all too well. Vivian twisted and turned to no avail. Even her feet dangled helplessly from the eyebolts of her small perch, unable to gain any leverage. As a final insult, the steel ring in her ballgag was padlocked to the pole in front of her. Any escape was beyond hopeless now leaving Vivian to drool uncontrollably onto her leather bound chest. At the rate she was going she…


BondageJunkies – Leila vs. The Belted Prayer 

A buckle here, a belt there and before Leila knew it moving even her fingers was a challenge. Being a very flexible girl there was no need to take it easy. Folding her arms into a reverse prayer, belts circled around her corseted body and cinched in place. More circled her wrists and arms ensuring everything stays extra tight. Most importantly, the buckles are well out of reach of prying fingers. Finishing up with a large ballgag and blindfold, every…


BondageJunkies – Leeda vs. The Pleasure Bind 

It’s always fun introducing a new girl to the joys of the magic wand. For Leeda I had special plans and started her off with a simple frog and breast tie and a dash of handcuffs to keep her tame. After she tested out the ropes I positioned the wand between her legs and secured it with a tight rope harness. To be sure it stays on its mark, another rope cinches her legs together leaving her writhing in pleasure….


BondageJunkies – Amy vs. Her Twisted Fiddle 

After printing this fiddle it was time to put it to the test. Unfortunately for Amy I had mistakenly printed it far more dense than needed. Escape simply wasn’t an option, but she didn’t need to know that. With her arms running under her legs into the fiddle, what little leverage she had was completely evaporated now. Her only chance for escape is to earn access to the key.


Sarah vs. Locktober Regrets 

After getting sucked into the Locktober type Sarah decided she wanted to take the plunge this year. Three days in and she’s blowing up my phone looking for the keys. I figured if she really wanted the keys she’d be willing to work for them. Given a chance at the keys Sarah didn’t hesitate to agree. Once she was secured into a latex straitjacket with nipple clamps her tune changed a bit. Like magic, the keys to her belt were…

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MistressEnolaFetish – Nurse Enola – Sore Throat Relief 

Did you ask for a home care service ? Well Nurse Enola is ready to treat you… The patient told me he had a sore throat so I devised a treatment for it. I told him to lay on the edge of the bed on her back to check his throat… using my foot I made him open his mouth and put my foot deep inside it! To See if the sore throat goes away hahaha or maybe it gets…

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