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Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

DominatrixAnLi, ‘s Ass Emporium: A Caning Thrashing: Part I 

You’re a fat little piggy and I will cane you until you cry. Why not? You’re my bitch and I’ll do what I want with you, slave. It’s why I strapped you down to this spanking bench with the bungee cord and restrained your ankles and wrists. I know you’ll be thrashing around a lot, trying to escape the whipping sting of my bamboo and rattan canes. It’s why the bungee cord is so tight around your chest – to…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

DominatrixAnLi – Can You Cum 

You’ve had such a long day standing there in the leather sleepsack, hooded and restrained ever-so-tightly. Your body must be so tired from standing there, trying to keep upright against that wall. I’ve got a treat for you. I’m going to edge you. The catch is that you have to remain standing! Don’t move too much or else you might fall. Wouldn’t want to hit your head on a sharp ledge or anything. How still can you stay while I…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

An Li’s Ass Emporium: Marathon Edge 

It’s the weekend, as well as I intend to have some enjoyable with my servant partner, gimpy. By fun, I imply leave him in chains, entirely aggravated and also on edge while I go off and do better points. I have actually chosen to tie him spread-eagle to the bed, legs as well as arms linked to the edges and strictly chained to provide me complete accessibility to his dick. In his mouth, I pack a set of my dirtiest…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

DominatrixAnLi – Bound, Burned, & Battered HD 

My slave has his hands tied behind his back and his genitalia exposed for My entertainment. With his cock and balls locked up in chastity, he knows exactly who he belongs to and of course I’ll take My liberties in remind him who’s the boss. I strike up a cigarette and get started, leaving burns all over his balls while smacking, grabbing, and twisting them to make sure he is in constant agony. My twisting is so vigorous that one…

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